Three Cheers For Barb

three-cheers We want to celebrate it’s Three Cheers for Barb for rescuing Whitey!  If you haven’t been over to Gandalf and Grayson‘s go say hello and cheer her on.

We are thrilled that Whitey is so happy to be rescued! I think he is one very lucky cat.


  1. hey we did not realize that the grey boys got a borfur!
    we need to get momma to read our friends’ blogs to us more often *sigh*

    hugs and love to alla you!

  2. Mom is feeling overwhelmed with all this celebrating! Such a fuss. It is so easy to love a cat, after all. Thank you, Chey!

  3. Congrats to Barb!

  4. Yaaaaay for Barb!!!!

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