Thankful Thursday

georgia3We would like to take this Thursday for all the wonderful cats who gave us such good thoughts for Georgia. Your words were all very moving and it was comforting to have them.

We also want to give a shout out to Dr. Lisa Brienen at Mercy Vet. Dr. Brienen has been wonderful throughout this whole process. In fact, the whole of Mercy Vet’s staff has been wonderful. I know this is useless for those who are not in the Seattle area but no thankful Thursday about Georgia would be complete without a note. From the first moment talking to their receptionist was heaven sent. Remedies were often mailed to me as I am out of their immediate area. We were only required to go in for a couple of visits and then annually.

I credit their compassion and understanding of naturopathic veterinary care for the fact that Georgia lived a full two years longer than anyone ever expected.

We are blessed to live in this area. I know many people in the natural healing community often hear of veterinarians doing natural medicine but it’s often a hit or miss or cookbook formula medicine. Mercy Vet practices only forms of natural medicine and Dr. Brienen has extensive training in traditional homeopathy. That is the only medicine we used with Georgia. Cheysuli has had some other natural remedies (such as a natural toothpaste for her tooth and reiki from the veterinary technician as she woke from her dental). I wish more people had access to clinics like this. I wish Jeanie Kraft had access to a clinic of healers like this because it can get lonely being the only person doing what you do!

I will note that due to differing laws covering veterinary medicine and the issue of licensure from state to state, the veterinarians at Mercy Vet only treat patients in Washington, although they often do phone consultations.

Finally, there were some wonderful people like Sanjee’s Mom who did Reiki to help Georgia cross and KC who did the nice graphic for Georgia and others who just went out of their way to be thoughtful. We would like to thank them for all their help. We’d also like to thank those who lit candles and gave her good thoughts for her journey across. When we posted our original good bye Georgia post we wanted to list all the cats who had gone before…. alas our community has too many to name and we would have felt horrible missing even one cat (or especially missing one cat!) It is wonderful to be part of a community that understands that pets are not “just animals” but family members.


  1. Lovely post. Mercy Vet sounds wonderful. Georgia was blessed to have such doctoring. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} xxx

  2. I can’t think of on pet in my life, mine or someone else’s, that has ever been ‘just an animal’. After all, in this journey through life aren’t we all ‘just animals’? Our creator make us all. We all breathe. We all love. We all get angry. We all feel pain.

    There are no ‘just animals’ on this earth. But, there are animals that are to be loved and cherished and remembered.

  3. Georgia certainly got first class care at Mercy Vet. I just heard about her going to the Rainbow Bridge. I am so very sorry, but glad that she just went on her own.

  4. Vampy Vic says:

    Miss Georgia was so lucky in so many ways:)
    While we very much believe in things natural, in fact momma will try things this way first with about everything; We also believe that so very much about Georgia being with your for so much longer than was predicted was because of the bond, the link you both shared which we think is so extra special :))
    hehe we don’t know why but we still feel that she is a little worried about you being sad, very protective of you, but at peace.
    It is a rare thing and always so very special a fur baby passing naturally, when they are ready, a sad, yet beautiful thing, a transition…
    Ok momma waffles on a bit eh?… hehe
    Please know that we are still sending many puurs love and light to you all 🙂

  5. We agree that it was quite lovely that Georgia was able to pass over to the Rainbow Bridge when she was ready herself – surrounded by her loving family. That was a very special thing to happen. There is not much joy that can come from death – but knowing this is joyful. Sweet Blessings to you all … and especially dear little Georgia.

  6. We are thankful Georgia was surrounded by her family and that she lived such a long and happy life.

    Having a Vet that is skilled, compassionate and supportive throughout a pet’s circle of life is such a wonderful thing.

    “Just animals” is not in our vocabulary. How we wish it was not in anyone’s. Perhaps one day…

  7. Family. Yes, our furred friends are absolutely family. And we believe Georgia will be happy and healthy forever with her new family…

  8. (((HUGS)))
    “just” and “animals” should never be in the same sentence – they are family.
    We send our love.

  9. “Just an animal??” No way! They are family!

    Georgia had a wonderful life filled with people who loved her and cared much about her…you can’t ask for more….

  10. There’s nothing more wonderful than having a vet that you can count on, and someone you really can trust. I’m glad you had that connection that your vet worked with you. We also have a vet like that. I’d travel across state to keep him as our vet. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to have.

    I’m always amazed at how the animals seem to strive to prove owners wrong. 2 more years! that’s so amazing. We have goose bumps just thinking about it. Do you ever wonder if she heard the vet say it, and decided to prove her wrong? Cats are so stubborn… and that’s why i love them so much.

    We will miss georgia. Even though we didn’t really know her well, something about her reminds us of tesla. We will be sad with you because you are sad. You are our friends, and we are here if you need to talk.

    She will meet us at the bridge one day.

  11. Pooh Bear and I send hugs your way. We’re thankful that we got a chance to know Georgia (and Chey!)

  12. We’re glad that Georgia got to leave on her own terms, with her loved ones around her. It was so wonderful that you guys got to have an extra 2 years with her. Your vets sound great, and we like the thought that Chey and Gemini will get the same quality care as Georgia whenever they need it.

    Big hugs and purrs to all, especially to Mom Bonnie,

    Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)

  13. Mercy Vets do sound wonderful. I absolutely love the vets that I have for the boyz. I loved the vets we had in connecticut when Trixie and Norton and Ralphie were babies – they were the same vets that saved Millie. I thought that I would never find anyone as wonderful as they were.

    We will certainly miss Georgia. I hope that Gemini is doing ok with all of this – and Chey too.


  14. We are comforted that Georgia was able to cross on her own terms, in her own home, in the lap of love. Finding a good vet that you can trust and who will work with you is such an important thing.

    Big purrs continue out to all of you. This will be a big adjustment for Chey and Gemini.

  15. I have been finding more and more information regarding natural therapies for animals in need, and it’s really fascinating to me. The human pet is currently considering acupuncture for us since currently Isis and I are under stress with the puppy situation. I have learned a lot from you and your blog over the years, and I don’t feel silly now to consider those other options.

  16. We used to have an amazing homeopathic vet at our clinic but he finally went out on his own. We know he is in the area though and he taught the current vets about so much. With Georgia’s passing it is (at least to us) kind of the end of an era. Time to reflect on all we’ve done and look forward to the future. We try to do that when any of our friends pass but the most important lesson we take every time is to enjoy every moment we have with each other and not to get upset over petty things.

  17. We is all thankful that Georgia had love and family in her life. We is thankful fer her v-e-t that gaved her good care and love. We is mostly thankful that Georgia went on her own terms, to save her mommy the choice of doing that. >^..^<

  18. I feel thankful that I got to know Georgia and share a small part of her life through reading about her on your blog.

  19. All wonderful things to be thankful for! Mercy Vet sounds like a wonderful place (even if it is a V-E-T), and we love MK and Mom Robyn (where would the CB be without them?).

  20. Whicky Wuudler says:

    We just read of Georgia’s peaceful passing and we send soft purrs to you all.

    Whicky & Family

  21. Mercy Vet sounds wonderful. Mum wishes we had a vet like that in our area. We will miss Georgia, but we are thankful that you gave her such a happy life filled with love.

  22. Chey, we just found out about Georgia, and want to say how sorry we are that she has journeyed on to the Bridge, but we are comforted knowing she is pain free and healthy once again, and that she went on her own terms, at home on your Mom’s lap. You, Gemini, your Mom and your Dad are all in our thoughts and purrayers during this sad time …
    Love and hugs to you,
    Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan

  23. We have just heard the sad news.
    She was a beautiful kitty and she will live in your heart forever.

  24. Oh dear, we just found out about Georgia and we immediately began sending over soft purrs to all of you. Your Mercy Vet does sound like a wonderful place. We’re glad that they were able to help take such good care of Georgia. We were very happy to read that Georgia was all snuggled in her blanket on her Mom’s lap when it was time.

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  25. Dearest Chey and family…thank you for coming by to tell us…so Georgia has finally gone to play with Stormie, we are very sad to hear this and we send you much love and hope your humans are coping. Stormie is lucky to have such a wonderful friend join her…Georgia and Stormie are very much alike, strong cats who surpassed all expectations in their will to live.

    I guess Georgia felt that the best time for her to go was when she felt safe and loved, on your lap, how beautiful that this was so dignified and on her terms.

    We are sending you much love, although we know that the pain you are feeling after losing a member of your family is excruciating, we hope you feel the warmth from all of us on the blogosphere (even us sporadic visitors)

    Many hugs xxx

  26. Oh Chey & Gemini, we just saw the sad news. We know Georgia was well loved and had a great forever home. Purrs to you all.

    The Crew & family

  27. Well said. Amen.

  28. Vespa & Vincent & Mama KB says:

    Dear Chey,

    Reading about Georgia’s crossing reminded us that Mama KB told us that Auntie Ariel went the same way. Daddy was was very nice for month after month, giving Ariel enemas that she needed and special food. Ariel loved Mama best and always followed her around. When it was her time to say good bye, Mama put on Mary Poppins because the songs are so happy and just as they finished the Kite Song, Ariel took her last breath. Daddy and Mama got us a few weeks later from a wonderful shelter in East Vancouver where they let all the furbabies (except the sick ones) run free. We were glad to live here and loved our big search and rescue poodle, Amanda. She went to Rainbow Bridge in March and we are still missing her. Thank you for sharing your stories with us; it helps us feel connected to the “rest” of our family…Vespa (I’m black, shaped like an eggplant) and Vincent (I’m a tabby who is trying to diet) and Mama KB…

  29. Still sending purrs your way.

  30. We just heard the news. We are so sorry for your loss. We are glad Georgia did finally cross, comfortable in your lap, knowing you loved her. Our thoughts and warm wishes are with you at this time of sorrow.

    Roxy & Lucky

  31. Purrrrs and big warm kitty hugs!!!
    Your Fl furiends,

  32. Just heard the sad news. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers and our warmest wishes are with you.

  33. we just came by to give you a hug {{{{{HUG}}}}} xxxx

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