TattleTale Tabby Tuesday (or not)

img_5617aSomeone keeps making my Daddy’s outdoor sandals wet. He goes to put his feet in them and then his feet get wet. They are by the door with the other shoes that don’t seem to get wet. Georgia couldn’t be doing anything because she does not have such good aim.

I would not do such a thing, unless I accidentally tried to hurl once. But this has happened more than once.

I think it is Cheysuli and so does Momma. Because Cheysuli does not always like my Daddy. He likes to look at her and make her nervous. Also he says things about her that aren’t true, like that she looks like a pig, even though she is nothing like a pig except in eating, which I think makes her piggish but not a pig.

I can see why she doesn’t like him but no one has caught her using his shoe as a litter box… or if I have I am not telling!

My other tattle tale is that it is Chey and Latte’s anniversary today!  They were married two years ago today the first of the huge weddings in the blogosphere!


  1. Rock on Chey!

  2. Wow Chey, you must really not like the male. Maybe the male needs to be nicer to you. Happy Anniversary.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. Happy anniversary, Chey!
    Now, what’s up with those outdoor sandals?

  4. Oh Chey how wonderful, your 2nd Anniversary soon! 🙂 I hope you get all the chicken you desire and maybe a new pair of sandals for your Dad! 😉

  5. Happy Anniversary to Chey and Latte!

    Well your Dad shouldn’t leave his sandals there, should he? Tee hee!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Wow – Chey has a very unique way of showing her displeasure!
    Happy Anniversary to her and to Latte!

  8. Hey, Chey…are you finally getting your revenge on the Male??

  9. Hmm. I’d be in a lot of trouble if I did something like that.

  10. Hey, i know dat chey would NEVER do anything like that on her daddy’s shoes! how could anyone even think that?

  11. Happy 2nd AnniPURRsary to Chey and Latte!

    If Cheysuli is peeing on daddy’s shoes because she’s mad at him, I would suggest Daddy and Chey go to counselling together to work it out.

  12. Happy anniversawy Chey! I don’t think Chey would do that, would she? And anyway, Daddy should weave his shoes all about.

  13. Happy Anniversary, hope you celebrated with a lot of fun.
    Sounds like you have a mystery going on at your place. Hope you figure out how the shoes are getting wet.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  14. Happy Anniversary Chey and Latte! Chey, maybe now the male will get a clue and stop tossing his dirty socks near your bed.

  15. Oh, wet shoes? Put some dirt in them as well!

  16. There is a new part of my story on my blog.

  17. Maybe the Male is waliking in his sleep and making his own sandals wet!

  18. And Happy Annipurrsary Chey and Latte!!!

  19. Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife! As a typical male…I forgot. However I did remember last week and told my Meowmy to remember so I blame her completely.

    Well positioned pee is a meezer’s best friend.

  20. Happy Anniversary Chey and Latte!

  21. Happy Annifursary!!! Tell your dad to put his shoes in the closet. norton used to pee in shoes too. So mommy hadded to put them in the closet. she didn’t like that.

  22. Are you shure someone isn’t droolin on them sandals? I’s fallin in luf wif some of Mom’s shoes an bite them an chew them an drool on them. If it is Chey, I hope it won’t spoil her chances to be on da Supreme Court!
    Victor & Nina

  23. Happy Anniversary! But I don’t know if an anniversary is reason enough to go peeing on some shoes.

  24. Happy Anniversary and also HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!
    Opus and Olive

  25. Chey, we know you do not like your man bean, but peeing in his shoes is not a good idea. It will just make things worse. Just my thoughts, mind you. Besides, there are other, more creative ways to make his life miserable.


  26. We think it is a leaky roof. Nothing more. (wink!)

  27. happy anniversary to chey and latte and happy cinco de mayo to all…see you at the party….plenty of ham tacos for all


  28. Vampy Vic says:

    Happy Anniversary my buddies!!!
    MOmma and we all can’t stop laffing that you “wet” your daddas shoes… momma said that Mushka and I should not get any ideas.. mwahahaha *whisper* thanks for the idea! 😉

  29. Chey! Shame on you! (not really, your dad shouldn’t pick on you!)

  30. Hmm, that is quite the mystery. I bet there’s a ghost in your house who slimes the male’s shoes. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation….right Chey?

  31. Hippy, Hoppy, Happy Anniversary Chey and Latte! 🙂 xxx

    Wet sandals. Hmm… Chey’s Daddee: I think you should stop teasing Chey. Most cats have a sense of humour but there is a limit. If the sandal-wetter is Chey, then she is trying to tell you something in her own humorous way. Just saying…

    OMD! I wish I’d visited on Friday coz I would so have got where you were Chey! Not only do I live in the same city, but I worked for years in an office directly opposite the Pavilion. The room I worked in for most of the years I worked there (called the Funny Farm – really!) had a panoramic view of the front of the Pavilion!!! Saw lots of things going on in the grounds, but never a lost Siamese cat… 🙂 xxx

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