Find Chey Friday


Things are so terribly tiring around here that I think I will lie about and nap. I love my kingdom!

Please don’t give up on! While I’m going on hiatus for awhile from wandering through Fridays, I’ll be back to globetrotting (and getting lost) in the middle of June!

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  1. Yay, I’m first! Are you flying over some horsies and riders riding on Rotten Row? I can’t remember what park that’s in – I think it’s Hyde or maybe St. James’s. Anyhoo, it’s in London (nearly forgot to mention that, I’m multi-tasking here, lol!).

    Happy Friday 🙂 xxx

  2. Hyde Park?

  3. No clue as usual!

  4. I’m quick to get in but maybe I’m too late…all I know is that people are driving on the left side of the road…but then my mom googled and said there are 74 countries that are left side drivers…who knew? So I’ve narrowed it down to 74 countries(including Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago)…I give up.

  5. Black Cat, the way you were guessing it had to be one of them! :). And yes, Maobert, you too were right so that means it’s Hyde Park. Cory, I am sure one of those 74 countries was the correct one.

  6. Yoo’ll notiss that Black Cat and I anserd at igzaktly the same time! I like Hyde Park cuz it’s in England ware peepul and cats are DIGNIFIDE. I wish I lived thare.

  7. Rats! We are too late again when it’s the VERY rare occasion that we know where it is.

  8. Chey, I did not know where you are, but your kingdom looks lovely!

  9. We’re not even gonna try to guess cuz we don’t know!

  10. oh crappity crap crap crap – we knows this ‘acuase our daddy lives really close to there. CRAPPITY CRAP CRAP CRAP – we haf to get the woman up earlier to help us make our guesses.

  11. oh hahahahahaha – our daddy lives near the OTHER Hyde Park, but the Vanderbuilt and FDR houses looks almost identical to that.

  12. I don’t know where that is, but I’m glad another black cat had some answers.

  13. I think it’s somewhere in West Virginia! I only say that because it would be super cool of you to dive into the hills of West Virginia!

  14. Oh, and Chey, please make sure to email me your address so I can paw it forward to you!

  15. You is in a purty park wif fog an horsies… an it could be Ingland. But reading the ofur answers, you is in Hyde Park, London, England, UK. Mom stayed near Hyde Park but sumhow it didn’t look AT ALL like dat! Maybe cuz it wasn’t graced wif yur noble presence.
    Oh, London! Will you visit Eric and Eric & Flynn? You should visit our Flickr friend Pasta, a very dignified tuxie. Remember to look right, left, right when crossing streets!

  16. very cool picture!
    have fun in the UK!

  17. As is the norm for us, we will not guess because we do not know and our guesses are always wrong.
    We’ll just say “hi and have a happy day”.

  18. Dunno!

    But haff a nice day anyway!

  19. Darn, we missed doing our research for this one. Mom is supposed to help us search for you at night, not the next morning. Oh well, congrats to Mao and Black Cat.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  20. We were going to suggest “New” England, but we would not have been even close!

  21. I am too late to guess, but that’s okay, because I did not know the correct answer anyway. It does look real pretty there!

  22. nooooooooooooooo that is to long a rest. We’ll miss you! I don’t know where you are, but I’d love to roll in that green green grass!

  23. Way to go, Black Cat and Mao! I was too slow this time (actually, my mom was too slow…).

  24. I see horsies! But yore Kingdom needs bloo skies. It looks purrty foggy rite now.

  25. I see they found you just fine Chey. Didn’t mum have a great view from her hotel room?

  26. That’s a great view of Hyde Park. I wouldn’t have known where you were.

  27. that park luks lyk fun.

  28. How is Georgia doing? She has been on our minds lately.

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