Disappointed Meezer Monday

img_6411aI will not look at you. No. You went out for dinner and brought me nothing back. In fact, you said I was fat.

I would also like to point out that really, you are not my mother.  So I think  you should refuse those Happy Mother’s Day wishes.  You are not my mother.  Nor are you Gemini’s mother.  If someone should have gotten a Happy Mother’s Day, it should have been me or perhaps Georgia.  You know Georgia took on that little cat and adopted her like a good Momma cat. Did she get a happy Mother’s Day? Did you take her to brunch or to dinner? I think not.

I am highly disappointed.


  1. Poor Chey. Humans are so difficult sometimes. I don’t blame you for ignorin thems when they’s like dat.

  2. Aww,that was terrible not to bring you any leftovers and say that you were fat. I don’t think you look fat.


  3. Chey, they’ve got to be kidding right? No “doggie” box? No little tidbit? Not a scrap or a crumb? This calls for an inquiry to the ASPCA…no doubt. I’ve got them on speed dial if you’d like to borrow my phone.

  4. Wow! We think she might have gotten the message.

    Only forgive her if she tells you how thin you’re looking lately and offers you a tasty treat. Or offers her credit card so you can take your sisters out to lunch.

  5. Well, I think you look very slim, as well as disappointed, in that photo 🙂 xxx

  6. You are not fat, Chey, you just look shapely. I don’t blame you for giving her the cold shoulder.

  7. well u iz a little chubby… but not as fat as our Maxie Tigger! Him needs ta chase a horse or sumpin!

    Daisy May
    who gonna be a baby mama!

  8. Chey,
    your figure is just perfect!

  9. Goodness, Chey. You’re the picture of health. Perhaps the Woman needs glasses.

  10. the humans are really selfish! and you’re NOT fat. really, Miles is 16 pounds of blubber.

  11. Oh Chey how could she call you fat? You look just purrfect to us.

  12. We do not see a fat kitty anywhere. Sorry you got left out.

  13. You tell her Chey!

  14. we agree with yoo chey!

  15. Chey, really now…you are not fat at all! You definitely deserved something brought back from dinner…or at least Georgia did….

  16. I’m not sure how she managed to call you fat, but maybe she was fed up at you fot other reasons. Sometimes, humans do that. It’s called “sideways anger”. They get mad at someone, but instead of saying what is making them mad, they insult the person (or feline) instead. Maybe this requires further investigation…

  17. Poor Cheysuli! She needs some appurreciation, too! And no, she’s not fat at all — very sleek in fact.

  18. No doggie bag, whoops we mean kitty bag for you all? That is quite unfair! And you fat, no way Chey!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  19. I am so sorry you had a rotten Mother’s Day. My people didn’t even wish me one but hey it is because they never let me become a mom. Go figure.

  20. That sounds terrible Chey! Why would they say you are fat? You are not chubby at all!

  21. Chey…we are sending you a ham to comfprt you during this stressful time..and you are NOt fat!

  22. Oh dear, I don’t think you’re going to win that fight, Chey. I’m just saying.


  23. Chey, you look very, very disapproving!

  24. The nerve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Oh man I totally understand. My people go out and they NEVER bring us back anything. The Younger Human saves some of HIS dinner for his bat-eared little woofy, but US? We never get anything. And we’re more important, right???

  26. Our Mom always brings back food from when she goes out to dinner, but she doesn’t always share with us, so we have to take what we want.

    We hope you had a good Mother’s day. Did any of your babies call you or come visit?

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  27. We lost Meowmy to her Mom all day yesterday. Although…Gamma did give me a nice scritching when she came over to eat. Meowmy of course was not recognized at all….well, unless you count the fact that Snap was unsucessful in getter her off of her back yesterday. She tried, a lot.

  28. Oh, Chey, don’t be too harsh. Those humans have feelings too, you know.

  29. Oh no! Chey is in some mood today!

  30. I agree – no goody bag, no love from me…

  31. I don’t blame you one bit, Chey. They didn’t even bring you back one measly morsel of food so naturally you shouldn’t offer a Mother’s Day wish!

  32. That’s socking it to them, Chey! There is no more scary person than a Siamese in a snit 🙂

  33. You are NOT fat. You are sleek and sexy.

  34. NO WAY are you fat! You are gorjuss in every way! Your mom is norty for even suggesting it! Smooches from us.

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