Cheysuli Upside Down Cake

img_6435aToday’s recipe is for Cheysuli Upside Down Cake

Take one Cheysuli

Add sun

A nice carpet

Allow her to do what comes naturally.

Looks tasty, but be warned. She has a bite.


In other news, I am being left alone starting first thing tomorrow morning. I shall be alone for almost two weeks. I am heart broken. At any rate my human will be running around in the Midwest. We may or may not get to visit blogs. If you need to contact her, facebook is the best way to do it (unless you have her number).

Until then… enjoy my lovely face!


  1. Vespa & Vincent & Mama KB says:

    Dear Chey,

    I know that the humans have found someone nice to feed and pet you! We’ll miss your posts but think you are adorable as an upside down cake! Mama KB had a Siamese named Suzuki who liked to lay in the sun just like you and he would get verrrrry loooong! Enjoy the sun and think up lots of mischief to play on your vacation human….Vespa and Vincent say purrrr…they want to go outside! Talk to you soon.

  2. That is a good recipe Chey. We have one very much like it here!

    We are sure you can find something to do while your human is gone. Two weeks s a long time!

    We are sorry to hear about your sister Georgia having to leave you. We know you will miss her very much.

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  3. 2 weeks??? Thats awful! We hope ya at least be able ta stay at home an not some cagey place!

  4. Wow…two weeks is a long time. I hope she’s leaving you a GIANT bowl of foods…

    I would like to make a Chey cake, but sadly, we lack the ingredients. We’re missing the carpet and the Cheysuli. Bummer.

  5. I’m also missing the ingredients for a Chey Cake. Bum bum bum!!!

    I hope your persons have a lovely hols and that you and Gemini give your sitter some lovings! 🙂 xxx

  6. That’s a very good recipe, but somehow I think it only works correctly at your house. Two weeks is a long time to be without your Mom, but I am sure that you and Gemini will think of ways to pass the time.

  7. is the man there to take care of you??

  8. That’s one tasty cake!

  9. Chey, you’ve given new meaning to a slice of cake!

  10. Chey, you’ve given a whole new meaning to a “slice of cake”!

  11. I think you are pulling out all the stops to get her to stay! We’ll be thinking of you and Gemini…is there a way you can host a house trashing party while they are away?

  12. Be safe on your journeys, Chey’s mom. We’ll see you when you get back!

    Psst…it’s time to party, Chey. When can we all come over, and is it byob?

  13. Oh my, 2 weeks! I hope the Cheysuli Upside Down Cake doesn’t go stale by then. I wonder what sorts of mischief she’ll create while her human is gone.

  14. Looking at stuff upside-down is very fun!

    Oh Chey, TWO WEEKS!?!? That’s almost forever!

  15. We would like to order one Cheysuli upside down cake please.

  16. Hehe, Chey, you look like our Dante. He loves to do the same thing.

    We will miss you while your beans are traveling. See you soon!

  17. We really like Cheysuli Upside Down Cake. Does the pineapple come with it? Or on the side?


  18. Hey, we’ve made that cake before….but with a Wally and an Ernie instead of a Chey!

  19. Me hopes beans will stop in an check on yoo, an clean yoor litter box, an gif yoo crunchies an GASP! stinkee gudness!

    I like yoor face. 🙂

    Fank yoo, fank yoo fur comin ta mai purfdeh partay!

  20. Oh noes! Two whole weeks!

  21. Vampy Vic says:

    Not your “lovely face” your very beautiful face Miss Chey 🙂
    ps we thinks that a whole lot of the time the bite is the best bit.. why do you think chilli is so popular hehehehe
    ps: make sure your momma travels safe :))

  22. We Ballicai and our Momma hope yur Momma has an ecksellent and safe trippie! And what a wunnerful pickshure of you, Chey!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  23. Aw Chey!! We love that ‘cake’ !!!!!!
    Good thing too,’cause 2 weeks is a long time to make it last 🙂
    Don’t worry,we can do that 🙂
    See ya soon. Hope your folks have fun and you and Gemini too !!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia and Tillie

  24. Teleport over Chey and Gemeni too! You will be a little closer to where your beans will be hanging out.

  25. You are a very tasty cake! Chey!!!

    2 weeks is very very long!!!

  26. Chey….Mommy really wants to snorgle that tummy! You look delicious!

  27. We’ll be right over to keep you company!

  28. Should we wish your humans a happy trip? Or just a safe one? After all they left you for 2 weeks but we do want them to come back to you.

    We hope you have a happy vacation from them. How’s that! Some peace and quiet and … Oh, but no extra treats or scritches or cuddling.

    Humans, get your butts home right away! Chey and Gemini need you. (Psssst, Chey, are they back yet?)

  29. Two weeks!!!!???? What the…….. How can your beans stand to be away from you for that long? Our Meowm can’t handle more than a week!! I guess we will have to take turns teleporting over to keep you and Gemini company!

  30. cute! ha ha ha I can’t believe you’re being abandoned for 2 weeks AND that we are nto going to have the pleasure of new posts for 2 weeks. What is up with that? Want Bendrix and I to pop over and trash some of your mommy’s stuff??

  31. Poor Chey! But your cat sitter will visit and cuddle, right? We’ll see you when the humans come back – loaded with guilt presents!

  32. Chey, we will miss you but hope you get spoilt rotten by your cat sitter. And don’t worry, your Mom and Dad will be back before you know it.

  33. Oh bummer! You are left alone – and we thought it is Friday and we’ll be asked where you are…. and wouldn’t know! And then could ask you: do you know where Karl is? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA On a trip with Ruis to ????
    O well.
    We hope the babysitter is nice!!!!
    Mrs. OZ and the rest, sans Karl

  34. Chey, goodness you are soooo pretty here. I adore the sun.
    I hope you and your sister are well and moderately happy

  35. Wonderful, tasty recipe, Chey! We hope you and Gemini can survive two weeks without your beans, that is a very, very long time! We will teleport up there to keep you company if you want us to!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  36. Chey you look absolutely delectable!!!!

  37. I just read your sad news and soft tears are streaming down my face. I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m glad that Georgia is free from her body and enjoying the Bridge, but part of me wishes all of the kits could stay forever. Be well, Tyler’s Mom

  38. I hope your Mom is having a good trip.

  39. That is such a lovely picture of you upside down in the sunspot! We hope that your mom is having a great trip and that you are being well taken care of while she is gone!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat (and Willow too)

  40. That looks nice, warm, and comfy. Sorry to hear that you’ll be alone for a few days.

  41. That looks nice, warm, and comfy. Sorry to hear that you’ll be alone for two weeks. That’s a really long time. I hope someone can come and say hi to you while your human is gone.

  42. Dat looks like eifur a “hand trap” or a belly rub invitation. I fink it depends on how warm da sun is. Dat’s my favoritest position, too.

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