Cheysuli Defends Herself in Shoe Pee Accusation

img_6000aYes, I know there is a little bit of a cat tummy there.  But it’s spring and I am working hard to take off this winter weight.

I know I shouldn’t worry and I’m not. I’m upping my exercise with the feather toy. Not that it has any feathers any more.   I am almost as abused as Yao-lin when it comes to toys. I must play with a toy that has no more feathers because the Woman won’t give me a new one.

I am also just tearing up and down the stairs as if my bum were on fire. Not having eaten anything hot I know it’s not but it’s what the Woman says.

Gemini thinks I’m crazy.

And by the way, I did nothing to the Male’s shoes. I mean really. I’d have to touch them a bit if I had used them as a litter box you know.


  1. good work..keep denying and soon you will believe it and they will…it worked from the gwb and rove gang….

    oh…could you pass that bottle of tequila…
    happy stinko de mayo

  2. I’m sorry that there aren’t any more feathers on your toy. But I like running up and down the stairs – sometimes I yowl when I do that! Perhaps if your Male put his shoes away they wouldn’t get wet… I’m just saying…

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  3. I believe you!

  4. Oh Chey, now the trouble starts. It’s all part of you being a candidate for the Supreme Court. No telling what stories will be told and how far the rumors will spread…

  5. He called me fat. Do whatever you want to those shoes!

  6. I hope you will got new feather toys!
    That is my favorite!

  7. We think you got spring fever, Chey!

    (and we knew it wasn’t you that did that to the Male’s shoes…but if you did do it, we think it would be justified…)

  8. I don’t think you are fat at all Chey! Of course it isn’t you wetting down themales’s shoes. Who would think such a thing?

  9. We’d stick ta dat story if we waz youz.

  10. You didn’t! Did you, Chey?

  11. Well, whoever is peeing in the shooz might prompt the the beans to get some new toys

  12. We know you are innocent of the “peeing in shoes” charges. We stand by our thoughts that the male is somehow doing this to his own shoes…….after all don’t most males have “aiming” issues? Well, male humans that is.

  13. Yes, I also think the Pee Accusation is a bid to ruin your chances for the Supreme Court nomination.

  14. Innnocent til proven guilty – always deny! Tee hee!

  15. We believe you, Chey. We knoe you’re innocent.

    Roxy & Lucky

  16. Yep, we agree – you are innocent until proven guilty and then you can always claim temporary insanity – the stink of the shoes got to you.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  17. The false accusations … really, you’d think those would have stopped after the election, but they give you no rest, do they?

  18. Supreme court nominees have better things to do than pee in people’s shoes!!

  19. Tesla ate all the fevvers off of our toys as well. And mommeh still uses the same toy. It’s Tesla’s favorite. And mommeh saz thats why her won’t throw it out. However, i saz, mommeh iz just a big butt head. -hansel

  20. We say: DENY DENY DENY!!! Do you need a good lawyer?

  21. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I believe you are innocent, Chey.

    Head-bonks from Gandalf and Grayson

  22. Chey, you are definitely getting the bum wrap on those charges!

  23. Chey, I used to pee on da big male beans stuffs too! I mean really how else is dey goin to learn??

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