Black Cat is the Sunday Guest Star

n1140260186_30177243_7722928One of our favorite humans, Black Cat was our first guesser and got the answer right… well okay, so she guessed several London Parks and one of them was correct.  We’ll give it to her!

Yay, I’m first! Are you flying over some horsies and riders riding on Rotten Row? I can’t remember what park that’s in – I think it’s Hyde or maybe St. James’s. Anyhoo, it’s in London (nearly forgot to mention that, I’m multi-tasking here, lol!).

Happy Friday :) xxx

For those of you who still haven’t gotten it, you may want to know what Maobert said,

Hyde Park?


Cory Cat was also technically correct, although a bit vague:

I’m quick to get in but maybe I’m too late…all I know is that people are driving on the left side of the road…but then my mom googled and said there are 74 countries that are left side drivers…who knew? So I’ve narrowed it down to 74 countries(including Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago)…I give up.

For those of you wondering, Derby sent me over there.  It was the view from his person’s window when she was in London.  Isn’t that a lovely view. I could be a cat in that window!

I am so glad so many of you commented that you like playing.  We love finding new places to go to stump the cats and finding out of the way places that maybe cats who don’t usually know the answer will get it!   We hope you’ll all have your thinking caps back on for when the Woman comes home!


  1. ConCATulashuns to Black Cat! She is furry furry smart!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  2. Finding you is the highlight of our Friday!

  3. Congratulations Black Cat!! We are not very geography inclined!! One of these days Chey we might just get one of your locations right!
    Your FL furiends,

  4. We’re hopeless as Mom hardly ever goes anywhere, but we enjoy seeing new places!

  5. We feel a bit ashamed we didn’t know – wot wiv it being England and all!

  6. Yay for Black Cat!

  7. congrats to black cat! we would have never guessed. we hope to back in the loop soon… the pet human is just not spending enough time helping us visit other cat blogs…maybe we could move in with you?

  8. Concats to Black Cat. We enjoy trying to find you every week, so just enjoy not getting yourself lost for a while.

  9. Black cats are know for being especially smart.

  10. Yay! Thank you so much, I feel so, so honoured to be your Sunday Guest Star!!! I never thought this could happen, I’m delighted, big time 🙂 xxx

  11. Hey I learned that they drive on the left side of the road in 74 different countries. This is getting educational!

  12. Gemini and Chey –

    Jillian’s game has it’s pro and cons. Some of the exercises are a waste of time, so I modify them so that they actually give me a workout. But I love that there’s no down time between exercises like on the Wii Fit game. It’s not the best workout but it was a good step up from the Wii Fit and the Wii travels well for when we go camping and such.

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