Wellness Wednesday

img_6219aWell the Woman is up and moving. Is she well? Well that is a question I have had for along time. I am not sure well quite qualifies, but then my standards are no doubt quite a bit different than those of humans.

I mean really–what is she thinking? Loosing weight? Doesn’t she understand that a fat cat is a happy cat? And would this not also apply to humans? If she didn’t wear clothing she wouldn’t worry so much. Of course, I have to say, in her case, clothing is a public service. I guess it is in the case of most humans.

Well let them diet and I shall eat cake! Or tuna or pepperoni or ham or whatever I can sink my little meezer fangs into…


  1. I definitely hope your mom is doing okay. Tell her she needs to be careful with those type of chemicals.

  2. No chemicals. Just a really strict diet that removed about everything…

  3. Vampy Vic says:

    WE all here are on your side.. momma has had it a little bit with the diets hehe, they is just trying to do the exercising.. I rekkon they should just learn to rocket and play like we do.. no problem! Mommas Dadda always said you need a luittle safety fat anyways.. actually just the other day momma found out that skim milk gets “skim” by a really bad chemical that strips it of fat.. imagine what it does to your insides! Au Naturel is the way to go! πŸ™‚

  4. The fatter the better. FAZ

  5. Chunky is good! Beans worry far too much about weight.

  6. We don’t mind is the human diets. The problem is she puts US on a diet. Can you believe that!?

  7. Chey, we don’t care if the humans diet…just as long as we get our foods!!! But we do care if they don’t wear clothes!!

  8. My human is on a diet as well. It’s that time of year I guess! I hope yours is feeling better!!!

  9. That’s why mom rides her bike and does other crazy things…so she can eat what she wants. And if she ever gave up coffee…uh oh…

  10. Yes, a cat’s definition of most things is different than the human view. But I’m sure your bean looks great all the time.

  11. Chey, fank you for the offer to come and live wif you. That might be a good idea…………. – Miles

  12. My mom says she is proud of your human, but I’m with you, Chey, I think it is just plain silly. Plump is where it is at!

  13. Huh. I think more of them means more soft squishy human to sit on. That’s why I like sitting on Mommy better than Daddy, even though he’s a GIANT. Mommy is squishier.

    But I get kinda crabulated about her calling ME ‘pudgy’! I’m not pudgy, I’m a well-loved Ladycat.

  14. My Mommie has tried to lose a few pounds for a long time, but it never works!

  15. Cake! Did someone say cake? We’ll be right over!

  16. We’re glad that your Mom is doing better… we’ll leave “well” up for later discussion.

  17. Good news that she is feeling better! (Though I have to say that Chase is actually a happier cat after loosing weight, he is much more frisky!!)

  18. Gosh, Chey, I thot dis post was about Wellness, the bestest cat food in our hole howse, ceptin acorse anyfing da beans eat. Is yur mom feelin better? It’s up to you 3 kitteh to make sure she eats rite an exhersizes an stays healthy. Playin wif us is good exhersize, right?

    Gettin to da #pawpawty is easier than you fink. Sanjee got all technicat agin. We can help! Viva el Cinco de Mayo!

  19. Meowm says she would be happy to not have to wear clothes…..she hates shopping for them. However, she is sure there are those that are gald she has to wear them.

    We are quite content in our fur!

  20. Well, feeling better IS something. Although Mom is a total sucker for cake of most kinds!

  21. We hope your Mom is better too πŸ™‚ Mom was feeling a bit tired last night. She put on her headphones to listen to an audiobook….yup she fell asleep!!!!
    We will send some purrs to your Mom so she can get her bounce back πŸ˜‰
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  22. We are glad your mum is feeling better. We hope she feels a lot better really quickly.


  23. I hope your mum gets to feelin’ better. It’s terrible how mums neglect us when they make themselves sick..they’re not supposed to do that!

  24. I’m glad your Momma is recovering. I was worried coz she’s a health-worker so she knows good stuff. Keep purring and making biscuits on her and please tell her not to worry about the title of the book. We humans forget things when we get old, hahahahahaha!!! (Actually, I think she’s about eleventy-thirty years younger than me, but don’t tell her that!) Luvsya πŸ™‚ xxx

  25. I’m glad your mommy is feeling lots better so she can get back to serving you. As for the loosing weight, my beans are all on this “healthy kick” too! AND they want to include me by making me play/ exercise more. Not cool.

    PS as I understand it, beans have two different types of “health.” Mental and physical. That gives us lotsa room to judge.

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