Watchful Wednesday

img_6303aI am watching the male. He keeps threatening me with more socks and feet and fingers. Yesterday he made me smell his finger. I was so insulted I ran away.

Then he wanted Gemini to smell it, but she is a polite little cat so she smelled it and went EEW that’s dirty so she washed it for him.

Georgia didn’t notice he was waving a finger in front of her and rubbed her head against it.

I guess it’s nice to sort of senile.

I will go back to keeping an eye on this guy. I know he is up to something. I am just not sure what.


  1. Finger sniffing huh? We don’t think that sounds like much fun. Maybe you should have thrown the mighty bitey on that finger.

  2. Finger sniffing, toe sniffing and sock sniffing is just ewwwww.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. There is a trick involved fer sure! Maybe kitty drugs… Be careful.

  4. The male seems to be up to something. Keep a close eye on him, Cheysuli.

  5. Maybe he wants to be pals with you?

  6. Maibee der will be sumfin nommy on hims finger next tim.

  7. why is it that the males always want someone to smell their smelly smells?

  8. Aww, sometimes male humans are fun and not so smelly.

  9. You are just super cute, Chey~!
    What a lovely cute face you have!

  10. That is one of the bestest photos we’ve ever seen of you!
    ~ Sara and Malachi

  11. The male sounds very strange. Are you sure he didn’t escape from some place? A place where they wear funny jackets?

  12. You male does seem somewhat odd, and highly suspicious. You’d do well to keep both eyes on him, Chey.

  13. I’m not sure what would be worse, being asked to smell a human male’s finger, or to pull it…

  14. I would agree … best to keep a close eye on him.

  15. Oh Chey, you do suffer so!

  16. He’s trying to hypnotise you with that finger, Chey. Start twining around his legs, faster and faster, and when he looks down to see what you’re doing, he’ll get dizzy and fall down. Hah!

  17. Chey,
    If he sticks his fingers in your face and tells you to smell them, put the bitey on them…that’ll teach him. Tell Gemini to do the same thing and stop being so polite.

  18. You just can’t turn your back on those males!

    Chey, Mom just loves this picture of you. It just melts her heart.

  19. Yup, he’s acting strange. Best to keep an eye on him.

  20. What exactly did he have on his finger that he wanted you to sniff?

  21. I think he’s kind of neat…I mean he has smelly socks and underwear…he offers up his fingers. I think he just wants to share!

  22. What is he doing?

  23. What a striking photo of you!!

    What was on his finger? *ponders this*

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