Thankful Thursday

img_5818aWe were looking for photos of this week and the Woman thought this was a nice photo of Georgia.   This was taken back in December when she was hanging out by the fire place.   She still likes the fire and sometimes comes and sits there even when it is not on. We think she is hoping it will come on sometimes.

She likes to sit now in the meatloaf position with her head down and rest. Sometimes she still curls up and snoozes but we know it is getting harder and harder for her.   She does not understand about litterboxes any more so there is a room with the floor covered with a drop cloth and lots of piddle pads.  Sometimes we use that area too because it smells like that is where we should go.

We appreciate each day that we have had her and Momma still says she looks good for a cat that should have been dead two years ago.


  1. She looks like she’s thinking “I am the awesome, I know that already, so take the picture and be gone!”

  2. We are glad that Georgia is still with us too. We remember when you first started talking about it being close to her time to go. She is definately a fighter in regards to her health.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. Old cats are so very special, they need us so much just to be there…Georgia, you are very special and very loved.

  4. It makes us feel all warm inside to know that despite being old dear Georgia is loved and cared for so well. You momma sounds very understanding and kind (wot wiv the piddle mats and all) and that’s all any old cat can hope for isn’t it? – or old human too?

    Have a great day all of you.

  5. Georgia is precious. Please give her a little smooch from me, OK?

  6. Georgia is still a hottie!

  7. Georgia is lucky to have such a great family that takes care of her now that she is getting older. Despite her age she’s still a fox!!!

  8. Georgia shur is lucky to haf such a wonderful family. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSS to you Georgia sweetie!

  9. I have loved many a pet through all the frailties of old age. Georgia is wearing her age with grace.

  10. Sending lots of loving purrs to all of you – especially georgia.

  11. Mommy says old kitties are the best – sure they can’t get around like the used to, but they appreciate every thing they can do all the more! Georgia looks purrfect to us!

  12. Pretty purrrfect kitty!

  13. Georgia is and will always be a spunky inspiration to us all!!

  14. Georgia is a beautiful calico! She is aging well! Lovely!

  15. Your mom is so caring and understanding with Georgia. Lots of love her way!

  16. That IS a wonderful picture of Georgia. We are glad she is hanging in there. We bet your Mom spends special time with her each day!!

  17. Georgia is an amazing feline! You have such a great family, and she is good hands. I second what Cat With A Garden said: Lots of love to your family all around! 🙂

  18. Dear Georgia. Your family is very lucky to have you, piddle pads and all. We are glad they have had two more years with you. Hopefully, they will have some more.


  19. Georgia is beautiful. I know her days are happy and she is loved soooo much.
    I hope your mom is having a better day today. my dad went on a diet, he just cut out the yummy snacks and mom drags him out for a walk every day. He lost 7 pounds!! and that is with his shooz on.

    Hugs and purrrs for Georgia and you, and Gemini and your mom too.

  20. Dr Tweety says:

    Georgia iz a cally-co & she iz speshully beeoty-full. She iz also a sur-vifor… justee likes your momee iz. & all of youz needz to takes furry good care of yourselvz or we are gonna has to comez up to where you livez & makes sure you eats right!
    Dr T

  21. Ahhhh, sweet Georgia. She can still enjoy naps…one of the best things in life.

  22. Pretty, Georgia. It’s tough getting old but she is loved!

  23. Skeeter had the same litterbox problems, and slept that position too. Give her lots of attention…

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