Thankful Thursday

img_5933aWe are always thankful for our good food. Also now and then we are thankful when Momma gets it cleaned up way good and much better than this.

I am a good little cat and I eat my kitty crunchies and I eat some of the canned food when Georgia doesn’t finish it up.   I do not eat too much like some cats.

I was hidden all day yesterday because there was that little dog here.  Momma and her friend left with the little dog for part of the day and then when Georgia was downstairs the little dog came in the house because my Dad did not stop her from running inside.   Anyway Georgia didn’t notice her but she noticed Georgia but she was very nice.  Georgia was very confused when she suddenly noticed the little dog and she was quite scared.

Momma got the little dog and picked her up and took her outside.   Then Georgia walked as fast as she could upstairs (which is not real fast for a cat but is not slow either) and stayed there until I told her it was safe to come down because everyone was gone!

I am glad. I do not like visitors.


  1. Visitors can be a pain…unless they bring cheese, then they are ok.

  2. Oh poor, dear Cheysuli..How I sympathise…. my human keeps bringing Charlie the Lhasa Apso into my house. She actually lets him have the run of the house!!!! I have photos which I will upload shortly, time permitting – the human has been so busy with charlie the runt that I’m not getting a look in. I am not best pleased and am seriously considering running away.


    HRH xx

  3. Wow!!! What an adventure! I would have hissed at the woofie for sure!

  4. I don’t like doggie as well~~~
    Even Michico goes out playing with friend’s doggie, I will attack her clothes,
    so I can understand~~~

    I am thankful for my food, too!

  5. Since we are with our mom we haven’t met a woofie so we don’t know how we would react. Where Siena was born there was a huge woofie for visit some times though. Thank you for your suppawt, relying entirely on CB voters doesn’t seem the way to win this battle, but mom sticks to it…
    Anyway, I’ll go down with my floofy tail raised up high. 😉
    Purrs to floofy Georgia. I would come over to help with washing her wonderful calico furs anytime!
    Purrs, Siena

  6. Dogs are not allowed in our house by order of the fuzzies! Maybe you should be firm on this point Chey. Unless of course you have a dog pal???

  7. It must have been scary having a woofie in the house. We do not like visitors either.

  8. Oh yeah, I hate dogs, too! They are so LOUD!!

  9. I don’t like visitors too much either…they make me a little nervous!

  10. Gandalf and Grayson like company! More hands available to do their bidding, but they do not care for any type of animal company. No, not one bit.

  11. oh we hate visitors too!

  12. Chey is offishully a zombie now (see our bloggie comments)

    We love visitors!

  13. Gemini, I do not like visitors, either! I run upstairs and hide under the bed if I even hear a doorbell (even a doorbell on TV).

  14. We had a dog on our back deck one day and it unnerved us to no end. I couldn’t imagine having one in the house!

  15. Oh, my, that was a very close call!

  16. We do not like visitors either. Well, Mrs. B doesn’t mind them, but just because she hopes they will give her food. We (Bubbles & Madness) hide as soon as we get any visitors.

  17. Good to see you enjoying your food Gemini!! We are not crazy about strangers either,especially woofies 🙂 Good thing he did not get your goodies 😉 heehee
    The Vet said my problem was in the early stages ,so we are hopeful 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  18. Hey Chey… sorry you haz interloper bad doggies visitor… We haz no doggies but human kitten named Mason- he is Daddy’s kitten’s kitten… grandkitten… and he chases us… and he even dived under the bed to get Sunny and Moony… he gives us runs fur our kitty $$$… We are glad when he’s gone too…

  19. Gemini, we are upset that that little woofie came in your home! Especially that you were ascared! And Georgia, that must really have been an ordeal for her too, we are upset that it confused her 🙁 And we are really sad that she isn’t doing well, our eyes are very leaky just thinking about it. Maybe that woofie shouldn’t visit too much … and if it does we hope Chey puts the woofie in its place. Please give lotsa hugs and kissies to Georgia for us, we are so sad and we know you, Chey and your beans are too … we are purraying for all of you.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon (and Momma Jan too)

  20. I don’t blame Georgia. I didn’t like it when my grandma bean brought a woofie into my house either.

  21. Yeah, we wouldnt like it if a woofie came inna our house. Efen a friendly one…

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