Thankful Thursday

img_6085aI am so thankful for this bed here near the fire. And we are still using the fire. Did you know that earlier this week, the place where the Woman works had snow.  Really snow.  In mid April. Can you believe it?  That means although we’ve just had rain the fire is still on.  And people wonder why I am getting such a dark brown on my back. I’m cold!

I also heard on Easter that my human relative got a dog.  His name is Snickers and he is four months old.  He’s a maltese/Yorkie mix.   He’d be the perfect size to chase. I love a good dog chase.  Unfortunately I probably won’t get to as I am told I am not going to Wisconsin.  Sigh. Well I hate to fly so I guess that’s okay.  I just hate the thought of missing out on chasing a dog!


  1. You can always pack yourself in her bad and maybe she won’t notice. Then you can chase the dog. But you’d have to fly in luggage. So it might be worth giving up the dog chasing.

  2. Dog chasing is really fun, but not so fun I’d get on a plane to do it! It was 37 degrees this morning…brrr…and supposed to be colder tomorrow morning. I thought this was supposed to be spring? Enjoy that fire!

  3. Wealmos nefer have fires. but we got the warmed bed and there is warm air coming from places inna floor. We like ta nap on chairs near those. The fire place sounds great!

  4. Yes,
    the weather is still strange.
    Yushan, the topest mountain in Taiwan that Michico climbed last weekend,
    snow again today!
    Too cold!

  5. You can chase Bo Obama while you are at the White House consulting with the prez……

  6. Well, perhaps one fine Find Chey Friday you can pop in on him and have a good chase!

  7. I can tell you by tons of experience that there is nothing better than a good dog chase!

  8. Maybe you can sneak into one of the bags and they won’t notice you until you arrive in Wisconsin!

  9. we heard on the noos this morning that you might be getting snow again today? somewhere out that way is ‘posed to get snow. it’s not unusual around where we live though. the mom says that it has snowed here in July.

  10. It is nice that you have a fire to lie in front of. We have a heater. Not quiet the same. Hope you get some nice Spring weather soon.
    ~ The Bunch

  11. I’m glad that you have a fire to stay warm in front of, Chey. I am staying warm in bed under the down comforter! Willow and I haven’t been getting much attention since my Lap Lady’s daughter’s baby was born on April 8th. My Lap Lady is so excited about her 1st grandbaby while I need her home so I can lay on her lap! Well, at least we finally got to update our blogs today and hopefully visit some more!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  12. Chey, we can’t think of a better way to stay warms except unless we crawled in your bed wif you.

  13. If we had a fireplace here, we would be sitting next to it! We got a little more snow, but mainly it was rain. Now the mountains on the other hand…they got extra snow.

    Woofie chasing huh? We don’t know if we would like that too much…although Meowm says there are a few around our neighborhood that she thinks we could get the better of.

  14. SNOW! Yuck, I am so glad that we don’t have any of that white stuff. It’s very nice here, and I can’t wait to bask in the warm sun.

  15. Our woodburner is still burning so it is nice and warm lying in front of it.
    Chasing a small woofie sounds like fun.

  16. I’m still having to hang out in the heat box….plus you know how dark I am. Spring is finally here today!!!!

  17. Brrr, it has been rainy and chilly here too. I wish I had a nice fire like you. I will send you warm thoughts hoping warm Spring weather gets to you soon! Then we’ll have open windows.

    I’m very glad your mommy had a nice birthday. I’m sorry we’re late in our wishes. purrrrrrrrs

  18. We still use our fire…it still gets kinda cold here at nite! Chey, we bet you are bigger than that woofie!

  19. Chey, we sure hope it warms up for you … spring is taking its time in some places, that’s for sure! And that woofie, he must be a tiny thing! If you chased him you would scare him big time and that would be fun … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  20. Oh, I’m so sorry you’re still getting the colds! It’s warm here and has been sunny here most of the week and last – except for the Easter weekend, when it was cold, wet and windy! Can you believe that? Warm and sunny when most people are day hunting and ‘orrible when they’re not. ‘Twas ever the way… 🙂 xxx

    P.S. Will you be able to blog when your purrples are in Whiskeronsin?

    P.P.S. I didn’t guess where you were on Friday, even though I’m English. Duhr! My excuse? I hardly ever fly, and when I do, it’s usually from and to Gatwick!

  21. Our neighbors dog is named Snickers too, but it is a labradoodle. Stay warm, it is getting better here, mum has the windows open.

  22. We had snow here the other day, too. Maybe this will be the year of no spring. We’ll go directly from winter to summer.

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