Thankful Thursday

img_6291aThe male has one good use. And that is the feather toy. He is very good at shaking the feather toy just so.

I love the mornings when I hear the Woman tell the Man, you should play with Chey with her feather toy now. And he comes over and gets the feather toy out from where they keep it that I can’t get to it and he starts shaking the toy. And I attack. And attack. And attack some more.

I have killed two of these already. I think the feathers are marvelous.

In fact, no one else will even try to play when I am playing with the feathers. Sometimes the Woman gets another toy and plays with Gemini but I play with that too. Hey no one can play with me enough. I’m a meezer! And we have lots of energy. If you didn’t want an energetic cat you should have gotten a stuffed one.

No stuffed with food doesn’t count. I am so disrespected…


  1. It’s good that the male is a feather swinger for you.

  2. See, the male is good for something!!!

  3. Feathers are awesome!

  4. a feather for your thoughts.

  5. Fev-vers! I love fev-vers! But I’m not as active as you. Us floofy kitties like to lie around and be pampered.

  6. Chey, I love my feather toy too, but I think I deaded it yesterday. What mom? It’s “our” feather toy? You bet!!! Hahahahahahaha!
    Purrs, Chilli

  7. That looks like a nice feather toy! At least the male is somwwhat useful Chey…he can’t be so bad if he plays with you right?

  8. fev-ver toys are the bestest. well, at least the male has one use.

  9. Tesla always destroys fevver toys! We hides dem from her too. And, actually we need a new one because the girl that had tes let her eet it! 🙁

    And, mom bean always has to tell dad when he should get the fevver out- he never figures it out for himself.


  10. We also love playing with feathers! But they do not last nearly long enough, do they?

  11. Fevver toys are great! We lov ours.

  12. My human pet is particularly happy that they only cost around $1.75. Destroy away, and remember: If your pets tell you they can’t afford it, now you know better.

  13. Dat looks like a grate toy, Chey!

  14. Well, at least the male has one purpose…we find that the males are good for just that…playing…and that’s about it…

  15. Chey, that is also how your keep your svelte figure!

  16. At least the male plays with you. Pooh Bear’s male bean just wants to shave his hair off (he’s allergic). I think he secretly adores Pooh Bear, though, and that’s just “man talk.”

  17. We have a fev-ver toy beside the Human litterbox. That means no time gets wasted and we play fev-vers when the Beans are umm, in situ.

  18. Well, I am glad the male has at least one good use!

  19. We are glad to learn the male does have a redeeming quality. We were beginning to think he was just completely not worth having around.

  20. We are glad he is a toy player. Although, he should not need to be told to play with you. Maybe one day he will play with you spontaneously.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  21. RIGHT ON… No kitties can play wit toys like us Meezers do! Most kitties play on the floor; we use all 4 dimensions (left/right, back/forth, speed (time), and up/down. We are the masters of up/down… We not only move toys around, we move them through high!

    Ayla and Iza

  22. Must attack fevvers!

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