Tabby Tuesday

img_6067aIt was my birthday and Momma was so surprised when Catster reminded her! I am a wee bit crabilated about this.

I know she has been busy and she is worried about Georgia, but I am just a little cat and I could get a complex about this.

I am not sure what a complex is however it does not sound good and I would hate to have to go to the vet just because Momma forgot my birthday.  That does not seem at all fair.

The next couple of days she is quite busy so she said that we would have to put off any belated party for a few days.  That does not seem fair either.  But I guess Cheysuli got no party at all.


  1. They forgot your birthday?! Poor you! Happy Birthday from all of us. We won’t send you our song (Au is tone deaf) but you can imagine the wishes behind it.

  2. Happy purrthday, pretty Gemini!

  3. Aw well Happy Birthday to you! We hope that the after Birthday party is much fun.

  4. We made our mum write our purrfday on the calendar and on the computer. She gets an email a week before and the day before so she doesn’t forget.

  5. Gemini, having a party late is better than no party at all…we hope you don’t get a complex cuz that doesn’t sound like something good…

  6. Better party later than no party at all!

  7. I bet it will be an awesome party!!!

  8. Sometimes it’s good when they put off the party…especially until the weekend when they have more time and can shop and cook for us. Milk it.

  9. Don’t know what we are going to do with our moms. Sometimes they get so busy, they forget about the things that are important, like us kitties. Can’t wait for your birthday.

  10. How insensitive of your Mom to forget your birthday, Gemini! Happy belated Birthday!

    PS. As you can see, I agreed with you – I moved back to wordpress, combining my blog and Gandalf and Grayson’s blog.

  11. Poor Gemini!

    Mommy almost forgot MY birthday last month, which is totally unlike her. I guess she’s had a lot on her mind, but I still don’t quite forgive her for it. Come over and visit me and we’ll celebrate in style, Gemini! I still have a WHOLE TUB O’NIP!

  12. I hope you do not get a complex, Gemini. Who knows what the vet might do if you were diagnosed with a bad case of complex!

  13. We hope you have a very happy birthday!!! Maybe you can have a celebration later?
    Mama missed Titus’ birthday this year, too. Everybody was sick and she was stressed out. He was kinda crabilated about it, too.

  14. Gemini dear, don’t be crabilated. Misty & I will come over and spend the day with you.


  15. It is OK, sometimes they are too cluttered in the head to think about what is really rhe most important thing….US. I’m sure she will make it up to you.

  16. Oh man, yoor mom needs one of dem reminder services. Happy Purrthday Gemini, we’z gonna mark it down somewhere so we amember next year…um, does anycat haf a pencil…and a next years calender?

  17. Is it time to trade in your Mom for another model?

  18. Happy Belated Birthday to the both of you.

    Roxty & Lucky

  19. Gemini,we do not blame you for being sad!!
    Your birthday is only one day a year!!!
    Yup,she needs a big reminder program 🙂
    Come to think of it,so does Mom :O
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  20. I am sorry you were forgotten on your birthday. It happens to all once and awhile, don’t let that bother you none. Your mom just has a lot on her mind.
    Wishing you the best!

  21. You do look a little peeved in that picture.

  22. This calls for a big o’ heapin pile of treats!

  23. Gemini, you deserve lots of treats for having your birthday forgotten. We hope that you are making a nuisance of yourself until you are properly compensated.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  24. Oh Gemini – how could they forget when you are so adorable? I suspect there will be LOTSA treats in store for you. Happy Belated Birthday gorjuss one.

  25. Gemini, we’s sorry we furgotted too. We was bizzy sittin on Mommy and shes furry wiggly and distraktin. I broughted yoo a couplea Nip Raviolis and sum treets for a belated purrthday purresent frum us. Let us kno when yore pawty is too.
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  26. Happy belated Birthday, Gemini!
    The 18th of April is a cool date – mine is the 15th of April!
    Purrs, Siena

  27. Poor neglected Gemini… all of us want to send you birthday greetings today. Keep working on your human mom so you get what you deserve!

  28. Oh, we’re so sorry about your mom missing your birthday. You really do look a bit crabilated! We hope that you will get to have a birthday with lots of treats!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

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