Tabby Tuesday

img_6221a Today was a very nice day.  Because it is spring, my furs are starting to fall all over the place. So Momma furminated me again.  I liked it so much she realized that I was loosing too much fur in a couple of my favorite areas so she stopped. But my puffy side areas are beginning to loose furs again so I got more furmination! YEAH.

I am enjoying the sun.  We even had the window cracked open a bit for us upstairs.  I stood on the tread mill area where Momma holds on and stood there while she walked today, so that she got to pet me. I love to walk in the sun!

You may wonder why she does the treadmill when it is so nice. It’s not just that I keep her company but if she doesn’t do the treadmill she walks too slowly and doesn’t get a good workout, so we walk together in the sun, even when it is nice!


  1. I can’t stand still for the furminator…I squiggle too much. My momma Ellie and I are both squigglers. Turns out my new brother Nigel adores it! Ginger and Jonesie too. Bennette just gets annoyed. Madison will go bald he loves the furminator that much. Cecilia manages to avoid it all.

    PS it’s nice you get to go on walks inside the house!

  2. Tavi likes the furminator for a little bit, as does Miss Jade. Cody can’t be touched, so he has never had to have it. Gracie – we don’t know because Mom has only tried it for a few seconds on her, and Camie likes it the best. Walking in the sun sounds like a great way for the two of you to spend some time together.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. You look beautiful for Tabby Tuesday. We were scared of the treadmill when the staff had it. Well except Wednesday she would walk on it. We’re glad you found a way to get pettings while your Mom walks.

  4. Our mum recently got a furminator too. Flynn doesn’t mind it, he can take it or leave it, but I adore it. I think mum is trying to make another Eric with all the floof she got out of me.
    We are glad you had a nice sunny day.

  5. It is a good thing to like to be brushed this time of the year. It’s my first shedding now and mom is impressed, I can tell you! I don’t like my normal brush but we got a Zoom Groom from the Quiltcats and that’s like a massage! Love it!
    Purrs, Siena

  6. We get brushed every day, but only once in a while does the Zoom Groom come out. Yesterday was such a day. It was quite windy! You should have seen all our furs flying!

    Gandalf appears on Mom’s blog today. She’s working from home, temporarily.

  7. What a great day!

  8. We also get furminated, but we don’t like it! Mom just have to deal with the hair all over everything.

  9. There is an old saying here,
    old doesn’t go, new won’t come~
    I guess losing some old fur is great~!
    Happy Spring!

  10. Your furs are looking mighty good!

  11. Gemini, your furs are looking furry nice now that you’ve been furminated!

  12. Meowm does that treadmill type stuff indoors too…it is better for her allergies and asthma.

    We are glad you got furminated. We have one of those, but Meowm just uses the regular brush on us.

    Speaking of losing too much fur. Our visitor on the porch had really bad matting in his fur….and now chunks have fallen off. Meowm feels real bad for him and checks him over each time she feeds him. We are at least glad that the mats are all gone and now his fur can grow in again.

  13. I like the zoom groom. I do not have a furrrs problem though heh.
    You look just beautiful!!!

  14. Its a good idea ta help yer Bein stay active. They are such naturally lazy things…

  15. Mum says she owes me a good furmination too.

  16. Gemini, you look lovely 🙂
    We think your Mom just likes to hang out with you!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  17. We are not allowed in the room when our Mom is on the treadmill. Maybe that’s because we have tried to get on with her a couple of times.

  18. Gemini, you lookk beautiful! My mom has been thinking about the Furminator thing, but after the Drinkwell fountain fiasco, she thinks she’ll save her green papers and just use the same brush and comb she has been using for 13 years.

  19. Everything feels better when the sun is shining and the weather’s nice! Your furs look lovely, Gemini!

  20. It’s always good to check on smells, you never know where the humans have been sticking their sticky little fingers.

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