Somewhat Thankful Thursday

img_6012aI am thankful that I have a nice place to sit in the sun here. I am waiting for this to be a regular habit. Yesterday we had snow in the morning! Man that was disappointing! I’m looking forward to some sun.

Both the Male and the Woman are trying to get sick. Well the Woman is trying. The Male IS sick. Not just his usual sick, but sick like he sat down by the fireplace. It confused me because the Woman sits there a lot but he never does so it was strange. I let him pet me I was so confused.

The Woman is still making it but I think she is starting to fade a bit. We will see how that pans out tomorrow. I have high hopes of having some snuggle time with her!


  1. Ooops,
    both of them are sick!
    That is too bad~!!!
    I think too strongly unstable weather is very annoying~!
    It happens here, too!
    I am so glad you have a little sunshine!

  2. We hope you get more and more sun.Sorry your male and woman are sick, purrs for them.

  3. not that we want your woman to be sick, but we hope you get some snuggle time with her

  4. We are sorry your Beans are sick, but if it means extra snuggle time, then it’s not all bad.

  5. It’s awful to have sick humans, we’ve just been through that!

  6. Oh noes. I hope the hoomans recover and can pet and snuggle with you while you are both healthy. Sunshine makes your furs look shiny and yourself elegant. Hope all is going well. Missed your blog.
    Dad to Snow, Leo n Fairy.

  7. Twying to get sick! Hahaha…
    I shall send mine powerful heawing purrs out to them both!


  8. You two look good sitting in the sun…enjoy that beam while it lasts!

  9. For the first time, I’m able to leave u a comment! Since for a long time, I wat to tell u that u are sweet!

    Sunshine is best, right?

  10. Sunspots wud be nice fer us too. Sadly its wet and cold out … no freshair seats fer us lately.

  11. You look like you are enjoying the sunspot. We hope your mama doesn’t get sick and that the man gets well soon.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

    PS – Chey, Mom’s roommates have a dog that is mean to Mom and Camie. She barks at them all the time, and every once in a while, tries to nip Mom.

  12. Oh, yes, it is always good to be very thankful to have sunbeams to sit in.

  13. Here’s to the Male and the Woman keeping their chins up!

    Need to do that when you’re sick. They can still wait on you hand and foot, can’t they?

    -Fluffy & Bonkers

  14. That’s never good when the humans are not feeling well. We’re sending get-well vibes and purrayers to them.

  15. Oh dear 🙁 It is sad that your Mom & Dad feel sick.
    That is not going to be any fun for you guys!!!
    Maybe they will feel better by snuggling with some warm kitty bodies!
    We are happy you got sunshine!!! Hope it lasts.We had some sun,now it’s
    supposed to rain all weekend :O
    Good thing we live indoors 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  16. Oh my – I hope your beans feel much better soon. That sick stuff is no good!

  17. I admit I kind of like it when the humans are sick…

  18. Well, mom’s being sick is kinda a mixed blessing…dey is warm and snuggly but den again dey don’t play a lot or pass out treats as much. Dad’s being sick, well, dey basically turn into helpless, whining babies dat are irritating.

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