Monday Musings

img_6253aThe Male seems to be over his flu. The Woman never really got sick but she isn’t feeling her best still. I don’t know what is wrong.

The Male of course had to decide to do some cleaning of my areas when I was there. How annoying. I was napping on the bed in the sun when he decided that they should change the sheets. I think that was most inconsiderate of him.

Still it is over now and I got to go back and nap in the sun shine on their bed for the day. They even put my favorite towel on the bed so I heartily attacked it. I love to attack that towel.

I am looking forward to a slower paced more cat friendly week. How about you?


  1. Aww…I’m glad you got to nap in the sunshine. I’m glad that your male and female are feeling better.

    Yes, it was a wonderful, scent-filled day.


  2. My people had to change the sheets too. But I was laffin about that one cause it was my fault 🙂

    I had a really good day. The Woman turned on the fire thingy even though it’s not cold. It’s awesome to be me.

  3. How dare he change the sheets when you want to nap. We make our Beans wait until we decide to leave the bed.

  4. Our week is pretty busy, the girl human has written her CV and job hunting starts in earnest – that means she’ll be hogging the computer I expect. Purrs FAZ

  5. Here’s hoping that our week is full of attention and ‘nip!

  6. We don’t think it’s going to be slow paced around here, but it’d be nice if it was!

  7. yeah beans are all inconsiderate. mine just “has” to make her bed daily. efun if ise in it. she puts me on top when shes done. i want tha sheets though. she needs more training.were glad yur guys better.

  8. I think it might be slow paced here only because the humans are ridiculously busy with work…which means not so much attention for me.

  9. It is good to have a towel you can call your own.

  10. A cat friendly week sounds good to me. As for them disrupting your nap, they should know better we need our rest and cannot be disturbed.

  11. How dare they move you when you were napping! This is an outrage!!! However it’s good that at least one of your beans is better as there might have been a stinky goodness shortage if they were sick for too long to go shopping! Now that would be a tragedy for sure!


  12. That was most inconsiderate of your people to change the sheets during your regularly scheduled naptime. They should have waited until you were up to eat or use the litter box. I hold out no hopes for this week since I have a little brat sisfur to take care of-she makes me crazy!

  13. i too will hav a slower “cat paced” week, chey.
    i will continyoo to come in da howse fer meelz … an go owt only to return inna timely manner.

  14. The Womans always has to stay the wellest in the house cause when The Males get sick, they turn into whiney babies. Our Woman won’t even make the bed if we’re on it.

    Hoping you has a good week!

  15. Hi Chey,

    At least you’ve got sunshine – it’s raining here today. Enjoy your nap.

  16. Akshully, we enjoy helping Mom make the bed, even if we were napping on it, because it is so much fun! We are hoping for a much drier week here. We are bored with rain.

  17. Well, I think this could be a busy week because I must prepare for the arrival of the Easter Bunny!

  18. You need to train the male to not make the bed during your nap. As for me, since I am able to go outside now, I have been napping a lot less; it’s still pretty cold outside, but the sun is shining. I am working on training my human male to be my doorman. He is pretty easy to train, since he hates to hear me whine.

  19. Whenever the beans decide to change the sheets on the bed, we make it as difficult for them as possible…dive-bombing under the sheets and covers…you’d think it would deter them…but it doesn’t….

  20. We like it when it our Mom changes the sheets because we get to play in the sheets and mess up her bed making. It is the perfect opportunity for snuggles while you are being moved.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  21. It is definitely time for things to slow down some. We’ve been feeling a little neglected so we’re happy to get some extra Mom time.

  22. Chey, I got a thing going on with a special yellow towel that I like attacking too! I guess that was worth the changing of the sheets…
    Purrs, Siena

  23. I like to attack rugs! They are so fun!!!~~Junior

    We are both jealous that you get sun on the big bed!!!~~Orion and Junior

  24. We love cat friendly weeks a lot!! So does Mom 😉
    Imagine disturbing you during a nap!!!!!
    That Male of yours needs retraining!!!!!!!!
    Maybe you should invite Cory over 😉 hahahahahaha
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Oh, Chey … You have such a dignified profile! I hope that you’re enjoyin’ a sunshiny day (with no more snow at your house?) … It’s in the low 70s here an’ I just had some brisket an’ pulled pork for lunch. Spring is good!

  26. Inconsiderate indeed! Maybe that’s why he left your towel there for you? As an apology?

  27. What is WITH the peepul and thare cumpulisive need to change the sheets all the time??? Geez, evry cuppul of munths, and always win I’ve just got nice and cumfterbul on the bed, it’s like “Mao, off the bed! We’re changing the sheets!” It suks so bad. But at leest MY male duzn’t throw his panties in my direkshun.

  28. Yeah and I think some extra mum time this week too.

  29. We are glad to hear the Male is feeling better. Hopefully the rest of your day was undisturbed!

  30. We hope your human mom feels better soon… let her know she should take a lesson from you and try to have a restful week ahead.

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