Meezer Monday

img_5940aHe he. They forgot Gemini’s birthday too! So I am laughing because the Woman is now 0 for 2.

Catster reminded her that Gemini’s birthday was listed as the 18th of April which is probably close, given her age when she was found. Of course the Woman doesn’t remember the exact date she got Gemini either, only that it was early May. The Iggy Cat crossed the Bridge shortly after the Woman returned from a seminar in late April, so she is thinking probably about April 27th or 28th. Whatever date, it was a Saturday. Ten days later we lost Simone, the Siamese Who Came Before. The day after that she heard Gemini and the day after that she found her and adopted her, so it was early May. She was probably five weeks old at the time.

Anyway I guess this means that the Little Puffalump Cat is no more special than I am! HA!

Well, time to break out the ham. I hear that this weekend the Male took the Woman to see CATS (because apparently watching me is not good enough) and then to a dinner of King Crab Legs in Seattle after the matinee. I saw no crab. I would think that Gemini should have at least gotten some seeing it was her birthday that was missed. I’m a good little food thief, but man, around here you really gotta watch out for Georgia. She’s taken food right out of my mouth when I’m getting a treat. Piglet.

Well, sadly, the Woman is preparing that we won’t have Georgia much longer. However this time she is certain. Georgia is wobbly and has a harder and harder time moving around so it is getting closer. The Woman says we might have to help her if she is still with us at the end of May because she doesn’t think she’ll survive the confusion of their trip in June if she is still around (and that is not certain at all).


  1. oh…my pet human has wet stuff pouring from her eyes after reading your post…we are sending you healing thoughts and lots of love…
    and a ham for each of you.

    zevo & friends

  2. Oh poor Georgia. That reminds me of our Jonathan’s last days. Mom and dad say he was like a candle, that burned all the way down…nothing left at the end, just wobblier and weaker by the day. He needed a bit of help to the Bridge. I stayed by his side until mom and dad took him to the dr. I loved him and miss him everyday. We will be purring for Georgia.

    Meanwhile…maybe your mom is a bit forgetful of birthdays because of what’s going on with Georgia. A little ham will help you forgive.

  3. Oh we are sorry to hear about Georgia. How old is she? If it is really time for Georgia to go we’d hope she’d just chose to go on her own… always better. But still so sad….. We will purr for you all.
    We have our Birthdays and Gotcha days forgotten all the time…. Not that we know ANY one of our birthdays. And the Gotcha days which SHOULD be known weren’t written down and now have to be an approximation too….

  4. We know how it must be about Georgia. We saw Skeeter’s last months, seeing his decline… Our purrs to all of you.

    LC and Ayla

  5. I am sending my biggest purrs and strength for you.

  6. Happy Birthday, Gemini! I am sad about Georgia, as I know you are. I hope she’s not in any pain. Maybe she’ll just go to sleep and find her way to the Bridge on her own.

  7. hansel takes the treats and food right out of our mouths too. We don’t like it. But we’re always so shocked we don’t know what to do but let him. The dr. told mom that hansel’s just a big pig. -ben

  8. Happy Birthday to Gemini! We hope she gets some extra treats and pressies cuz the woman forgot all about her birthday.

    And we’re sorry Georgia isn’t doing well…we’re purring for her…

  9. Happy birthday to Gemini! I’m purring for Georgia…I hope she begins to do better soon!

  10. We are sorry that Georgia is getting nearer to her time to go to The Bridge. It would be nice for her if she could just go to sleep and not wake up, but sadly that doesn’t happen very often and it is left to the Humans to make the terrible decision. We are purring for her.
    Poor Gemini, another forgotten purrfday. You both will have to make sure you forget when your Human’s purrfday is. That will teach her.

  11. We are so sorry to read about Georgia. We have a Rainbow Angel named Georgia. She was the sweetest little girlcat. We will keep your Georgia in our thoughts and will be purrrrring for her.
    ~ Timothy

  12. I’m very sorry to hear about Georgia. I know she has been a real trooper thoughout everything. Your humans have been absolutely kind to her. She will be in our thoughts…

    Zeus and Isis

  13. Awww. I’m so sorry about Georgia. She’s a good cat.

  14. We don’t know about these humans. They remember important things like paying their taxes and cleaning the cat box, but they forget the simple things, like bringing home treats from their dinners out.

    We hope that Gemini isn’t too upset and that Georgia finds her peace.

    Moe and Carmela

  15. Thanks for visiting our blog. Happy Birthday Gemini! Don’t be too hard on Mom bean – she’s problably upset about Georgia. It is hard to see them get old. We will pray and purr for her and Mom will send Reiki too. Our Clarence just went to sleep and never woke up – it happens.

  16. oh we are very sorry to hear about Georgia, but our the mom knows all too well that your the mom is going through. It’s very sad and stressful at the same time, and a lot of 2nd guessing of yourself, but your the mom seems to be in tune with Georgia, so she will prolly be listening when Georgia tells her it’s time.

  17. Oh dear. Poor Georgia. We are so sorry. We know that your woman will do right by Georgia and even though she’ll do the right and kind thing, it will still be heartbreaking.
    Tell your woman we live in Lima Bean and that there is nothing cool to photograph here except me. Really.

  18. I know you will treasure however much time you have remaining with Georgia. She sure has been strong through everything.

  19. We are sad to hear this news about sweet Georgia. We will purr for her to have as many good days as possible.

  20. It is so sad to think about losing Georgia. Sometimes helping someone across the bridge is the right thing, but so difficult. Makes missing your birthday looks less significant…

  21. We’re sad about Georgia but she has been with us for so much longer than predicted, we feel so blessed to know such an extraordinary friend.

  22. Oh, dear, that’s a sad way to start a vacation. Poor Georgia. We forget how old she is but evidently she is feeling her age. Too bad your mom forgot her birthday, since …. under the circumstances. But Jan forgets everything, so we feel for you.

  23. This is sad news about Georgia. I hope she has a smooth trip to the bridge when it is time.
    I know Caesar will be there waiting for her

  24. Gee!!! We hope the vacation helps your Mom get herself
    rested so she can decide what is important!!! That would be you 😉
    We are sorry about Georgia. It does seem that she is slowing down a lot.
    She is feeling her age and must be getting tired.
    Maybe she is dreaming about the Bridge.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. At least your mum is consistent! Forgetful, but consistent.

  26. Happy belated Purrthday Gemini! Moms sumtimes need gentle reminders we fink.

  27. We’re gonna purr extra hard for Georgia! And a happy belated purrthday to Gemini too!

  28. Poor Georgia. That’s vary sad. Maybe yer mom just purrtended to furgit Gemini’s berthday cuz she furgot yers and wunts yoo to think it wasn’t purrsunul and she just suks at remembering berthdays. Yoo shood go on strike.

  29. were sorry abowt yur forgotten purrthdays. and were bery sorry ta hear abowt Georgia.

  30. Oh my, we missed that. We didn’t even know she was so ill. So sorry to hear that! We are very, very young with only one year and 8 months but mom can imagine the pain of loosing a beloved furballor even the imminent threat. Purrs your way!
    Siena & Chilli

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