Meezer: Left Behind?

img_6280aThe Woman and the Male are talking about a visit to their relatives in the mid-west.  They are leaving for Chicago on May 27th and returning here I believe on June 11.  Can you imagine how long I will be without my regular servants.   The pet sitter is nice enough but she is not my usual servant and she doesn’t stay nearly long enough or understand my every whim.  Well, I guess the Woman doesn’t either but at least I know how the Woman doesn’t get it.

At any rate I know there were some cat families that the Woman was hoping to meet up with. She has more dates on the facebook group (darned facebook–using up her time) and will be meeting people there.  I guess PB&J will also be announcing stuff for a more formal mid-west meet up.  The Woman would love to be there for that.

The first half the time they will be around Milwaukee, then traveling over to the Cincinnati area to see the Male’s home (like that would be any fun).  I do hear they will be meeting my new cousin, Snickers.  He’s four months old and a maltese/yorkie mix.  This like this make me wish I could go so I could chase him!


  1. oh my heart hurts for you as i dont like to think about you alone for that long. but, hey, perhaps throw a party and we will come over and help tare it up. that will show em. then just ignore em for a week.

  2. Chey, ya can come stay wif us iffen ya wanna. Fancy Feast efry mornin, 9-lives efry night, an treats inna afternoon. Big back fenced yard. An we will efen set up a 5th litterbox…

  3. As much as you may wish you could go with your human pets, you’re better off staying at home. I thought the same thing until I had to travel with the human pet for a few hours in her car. That was enough for me!

  4. so, when’s the house trashing?

  5. You could come stay with us, but um…there are dirty socks here. We can all come up and visit and help you trash the place along with the Meezers!

    There should be a law against this kind of abandonment.

  6. It’s OK Chey — I’m sure you will be happier at home than in such close quarters with the male!

  7. Oh Chey, we feel for you. We know what it is like to be abandoned. Our Beans treat us in the same way, in fact in a little under two weeks, they are going to do exactly the same thing. You come and help us trash our place and we will do the same for you when you are abandoned.

  8. Well, at least you won’t have the Male putting his dirty socks in your face, Chey….gotta look on the bright side!

    (pee ess. mom sez she’d love a midwest get-together! how fun!)

  9. That’s an awful long time for the Woman and the Male to be gone, Chey, we feel for you! We hate it when Momma is gone for even just a few days 🙁 We will teleport up to keep you company if you want us to!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  10. Nooooooooo! She can’t leave our ex-Presidential candidate with a PART TIME servant! What is she thinking! You’ve got to get her off Facebook and scooping litter, like she committed to when she adoringly adopted you.

  11. Be strong Chey..

    Have a great day ok?

  12. Time fer a House Trashing PAR-TAY!

  13. I’d better let my Mom back on to facebook and look at these dates, maybe we can meet in person!

  14. How unfortunate that they will be gone for so long. But it’s nice that they will get to meet up with some other catbloggers.

  15. Did they ask your permission to be gone that long? I bet they didn’t ask. When will people learn??? I hope they bring back presents for you. You’ll deserve them!

  16. OMC! What will yoo do wifout her there? Who will scritch yoo the right way? Change da litter just right? Feed yoo at 2am? Ooooo horror!!

  17. You are being abandoned????? You !!!!!??
    I know sitters are OK,but they are not Mom!!
    You better start preparing a super long list
    of things that she can do to pay it back!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. Time to pile on the pressure and get proper rewards for being left behind. Hey, at least you’re not being sent to a cattery. If you must be abandoned, home and a sitter is best!

  19. Oh noes! I hate it when my mommie goes out of town and leaves me. However, I will tell you that Chicago is lots of fun.

  20. We want to thank you for your kind words after Jill’s passing. They were very much appreciated.

    Roxy, Lucky, Mom, Dad & PlusOne

  21. Mum says she will be around, probably best available on weekend time. Your mum’s relatives must be weak not to be able to work outside in the cooler weather, although it can be much colder close to the lake. Mum says she likes not having to work hard in the heat.

  22. we’re sorry yur beanz will be gone.

  23. Oh no! Abondoning you? Serious sulking needs inflicting.

  24. Gasp! Two whole weeks of a sitter? Thats awful…

    At least it is a ways in the future!

  25. What? Are you saying they didn’t invite you to accompany them on vacation?! It’s just shameful the treatment you endure, Chey.

    How will your legions of fans be expected to get along without you for 2 weeks?

  26. Do yoo wunt us to call PETA????

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