Find Chey Friday

endofaprilWell I have ventured out a bit more. What a fancy looking place this is! I wonder what it is used for. Now if only I could find my way back. Why do I wander like this?

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  1. First? Even if we are, it does us no good. We got nothin’…

  2. hmmm… we have no clue but we’re going to guess The Sultan Ahmed Mosque AKA The Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Now DKM wants some köfte.

  3. Yoo is stretchin on the wall. On the wall is where yoo are, Chey. Can’t yoo tell?

  4. Fiona & Lando Bun says:

    We buns don’t agree with Sophia. We say it is the Royal Pavilion. Do we get a banana if we win?

  5. You have very big strength to scratch that all~!

  6. You are at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, UK. (We think).

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  7. I think Camie’s Kitties are right, Chey … you are at the Brighton Royal Pavilion. Way to go guys!

  8. The onion domes make me think of the Middle East or even Russia, but I think the Russian domes are generally higher up on the structure. I really don’t know where you are.

  9. That’s quite an exotic looking place you’re at this week! But of course we don’t know where you are….

  10. I dunno, but it looks like a great scratching post!

  11. We just saw this in a certain geograffy lessin! It’s the Brighton Royal Pavilyun. Right?

  12. Wow! That’s some pose on the fence, there! I like the way your arms are pointing to the building to display it in the best pawsible way. You make a good kitty model!

  13. again, we has no idea, but those round roofs look like lots of fun to slide off

  14. No clue but it looks very fancy!

  15. Oh…I’m too late I knew it….ok, not really. I had no clue because I didn’t study my geography lessons. Bad kitty…

  16. Looks like you’re having trouble scaling those walls. Oh, yeah, clueless as usual!

  17. We have no idea…. Momma has been to Brighton and to this Pavillion too but she said she can’t remember If it really looks like the one in your picture… *sigh* she is so useless with helping us…

  18. Onions up there. Add some tomato and lettuce and maybe we’ll wind up with a Russian salad.

    (Sure hoping the Woman is doing better… please do better, purrs!)

  19. It is the Royal Pavilion and I think the first commentor is Fi and Lando Bun! Go buns! And Camie’s Kitties and Kaika and Gandalf and Grayson

  20. I can only say Eastern Europe as a guess … I learn a lot by watching your travels.

  21. Well.. we’re going to say you are wherever the silly State University must think Meowmy is a resident because she can’t possibly get in state tution when she has lived in the state for 17 years…..(we’re a little bitter ;))

    The weather sure looks lovely there, I’ll send you Kaze so she can sound the yard for you. Be prepared though….she really talks ALL of the time. Like ALL of the time.

  22. Oh drat I knew this one but I’m too late!

  23. Oh certainly, it is the Brighton Royal Pavillion! I think it is a prime example of the exoticism that was an alternative to more classicising mainstream taste in the Regency style.

  24. We gotta start getting here earlier, and start watchong the Travel Channel!!! Maybe then we could guess and win some of these!!!

  25. We also have to learn to spell correctly. Or not let Meowms fingers get ahead of her brain!

  26. me had no idea where yoo waz. But yoo get ta see effureefing fun. Me iz JEALOUS.

  27. Chey,
    I tinks you iz in Indee-ah, & you iz scratchin at da balcony cuz it is da festyvall of da Rat!

  28. Chey,we think you look lovely no matter where you go to get lost 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  29. This is always educational, even if I always feel stoopid 🙂

  30. As usual, you’ve got me, but I always enjoy seeing where you will be next.

  31. Chey, wherefur you’re at, you look furry comfy there!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  32. Chey….we missed it yesterday! But we hope that you are having fun!

  33. That’s cool! Are you in India??
    The story goes on. Visit my blog.

  34. You find the neatest architecture, Chey. Love the way you are honing yer claws on the building, looks elegant. Don’t look at us for guesses, we had absolutely no clue where – but now we know.

  35. Fiona & Lando Bun says:


  36. We don’t know WHERE you are but it sure looks pretty! Need some company? Hehehehe!
    Opus and Ollie

  37. Hey Chey, we are hopeless – we just don’t know!

  38. Hi Chey! We don’t know but will guess, are you in Russia? It sure is a very stately place! And that was Daddy’s guess too! Have a great Saturday!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

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