Find Chey Friday


So there I was, considering how to get the Male and his stinky socks and underwear to Cory Cat… And I started wandering thinking I would just bring the socks and underwear. But then I realized I didn’t know where Cory lived. At all. So I tried to turn around and then I got really turned around. I don’t even know what side of the river I should be on! Can anyone help me?

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  1. we see you!

  2. You are at Chenonceau Castle in the Loire Valley in France.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. What a perfect place for a prince of a kitty to be, a castle!

  4. Are you at an English Castle?? In Devonshire, England maybe? You sure look cute sitting on that fence!! Are you going for a swim? Have a wonderful Friday!
    Your FL furiends,
    and Maverick

  5. I agree with Camie’s Kitties — Chenonceau Castle.

  6. Very good Camie’s Kitties and Kaika! I am indeed at Chenonceau!

  7. Yer on Mars. We seen it inna tellyscope. Strange beins there and weerd landscapes.

    Wait, was that on TV or the tellyscope?

  8. I feel like I am in the Europe country somewhere at 18 century!!

  9. It’s as though I am compelled to come here and prove how stupid I am week after week…Geeesh!

  10. I feel the same as Parker — I never have any clue where you are!

  11. well, it’s good that someone found you, ’cause if you hadded to depend on us and our stoopid mother’s sense of direction, you would NEFUR be found. Seriously, the reason we is afraid to go outside is that if we did, that woman would nefur find us. Or prolly efen recognize us!

  12. Camie’s kitties sounded very affirmative when they replied. I’m going with them!

  13. All I was going to say is that when you were on the way to my house, you took a wrong turn at Centralia…

  14. Camie’s Kitties, you are smart!

  15. Absolutley lovely. I was going to guess France, Germany or Switzerland. Those countries have some of the most incrrrrredible castles. Have fun before you come home.

  16. Hmmmmmm we were too late but we thought France. It’s lovely.

  17. I hope you enjoy your visit to the castle. I’ll bet the weather is nicer there than it is here!

  18. What a beautiful castle! U are so lucky u can be there!


  19. =sigh= I didn’t get here in time to guess incorrectly. And dangit, I’m just GOOD at getting it wrong!

  20. We didn’t know where you were…but it sure looks like a nice place!

  21. We are late getting here today, but it wouldn’t have made any difference. As usual we wouldn’t have had a clue where you are.

  22. Chey, we sure wish we could help you out, but we are as lost as you are! It is quite a stately place, that’s for sure!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  23. I didn’t have a clue this week. At first look I was going to say somewhere in Germany.

  24. That wooks wike a vewy nice picturesque building! But I also have no idea where you are Chey!

  25. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the chateau Chenoceaux, owned by Diane Potiers, lover of Henry, the King of France. Mom and dad were there in 1991. And I bet somebody already guessed it, huh. It’s in the Loire Valley, France.


    Mom knew she would get one of these, to bad it’s 9:30 PM!

  26. Chenonceaux
    They actually had a room painted black with white skulls and what-not up and down the walls. It was really dreadful.


  27. Very good Roxy. The Woman was studying Diane de Poitiers when she visited there so yes we know! But you definitely get an extra nod for your information on Sunday!

    We missed the black room with white skulls. Was that part of what happened during WWII when the Nazi’s held it? I think one side was all allied forces and the other the Nazi’s and I think the Nazi’s held it part of the war. It does have a fascinating history even beyond Diane!

  28. Duhr, where’s this week gone? I’m so late, but I wouldn’t have got it in eleventy-seven years! The comments above, and your photo, indicate that it’s a very historic and interesting place!

    Gemini, you’re welcome to eat Boris, he would provide nutrition for you! I don’t want (and can’t) kill him coz that would be gratuitous murder on my part, rather than hunting for… Eeeewuuuuuugh! I can’t go there! Kittehs needed here, urgently! 🙂 xxx

  29. way-da-minit chey … i think dat’z MY howse!!!!!!
    maybe not.
    i dunno.

  30. Vampy Vic says:

    I bet you would have found it too if you were wandering for nice reasons cheeky! haha

  31. Camie’s Kitties are smart!

  32. hmmm seems so familiar and french but i am sure i was drunk when i was there!

  33. No, the black room was from someone’s mother (who apparently wanted to die). But yes, it does have a fabulous history. The Nazis did hold one side and the Allies held the other. We have a photo of the great black & white tile floor. Mom will have to scan them into the computer.


  34. NOT FAIR!!! It is SATURDAY! We only came here because we KNEW Friday is OVER.
    But we would have guessed you are somewhere at a castle at the Loire!
    And we KNOW one day you will be somewhere where NO one knows where it is BUT US, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  35. Dr Tweety says:

    You are da onlee cat I knowz dats can takes a nap on da rail of a fa-mosse cas-sell. Or wait a sec, I guess dat iz a fa-moose chat-toe? Iz dat anyting likes cheetoez? Hmmmm, cheeeeeeze toez?????
    I yam feelin’ silly.
    I hopes you haz a wunderful Sunday. Tank you so much fur purrin’ fur Auntie Stinkie. She iz reecovefurrin’ & slowly gettin’ back to her selfee, altho’ dis mornin’ she didz not takes her pillZ.
    Dr Tweety

  36. Mmmmmmm. with all the complications resulting from trying to get rid of the male, do you suppose it might be prudent to drop it for a while and resume later when his guard is down? We don’t want you getting into any more trouble or getting lost over this.

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