Cheysuli watches The Woman in Oblivion

img_5982aYeah, the Woman had a decent birthday. We got some very nice wishes here and a ton of Facebook Happy Birthdays! It’s almost a good thing to have facebook so that those wishes to her don’t clutter my blogspace. You know how it is. Humans are always cluttering up your space.

The Woman had the day off and spent much of it lost in Oblivion. No really. They purchased and old copy of the Elder Scrolls and she started playing and playing and playing. Now this isn’t all bad because the interface allows her to scoot her chair back far enough for me to sit on her. She just doesn’t pet me nearly enough. Actually she tends not to move for hours. I start to worry she has died or something and then suddenly the Male comes in and she realizes she has wasted yet another day on that game…

One of these days we’ll get back to life as usual and then she can swear the bills and stuff. Until then, at least she is happy even if it’s not real.


  1. We’re glad that your Mom had a nice Birthday. It’s a shame you didn’t get petted more though.

  2. I am also very glad your mommy has a great birthday~!!!!
    Big Big hugs~~!!

  3. mai uncle pways dat game. Him HAD to haf it when it furs came outted, so Mommeh bought if fur him. affer all, him iz her only broffur. him luffed it toooooos -hans

  4. I don’t know what I’d do if my mom got into Facebook, I think I’d have to protest because she’d never help me blog.

  5. We do not think any of us get petted nearly enough, Chey. ::sigh::

  6. sometimes it’s good for the humans to be in, as we call it “blah-blivion”

  7. We are glad your Mom had a nice birthday.
    Since our Mom got on Facebook she is not much good to us as far as keeping up with our dictation to put on our blog. She loves that Belle of hers on Pet Society a bit too much!
    Here’s hoping we all get more love and petting!
    ~ The Bunch

  8. I’m glad your mom had a good birthday!

    ps: We get the raw food from out vet (they sell premium, holistic food on-site). There’s also a pet food store nearby that carries it. Both are less than 2 miles away! It comes frozen in a bag.

  9. Yep, computers do take up entirely too much of our Meowms time…..humans in general. But it also has let us meet some great cats too!

  10. This behavior is deplorable really. Our mom thinks cleaning is more important.
    She just got back from food shopping and I did not see one can of food for me.

    Happy Birthday to your mum

  11. Our Mom spends way too much time on the pooter too. It’s disgraceful. And we don’t get nearly enuff blogging time – ‘cos she’s too busy! Sheeeeesh!

  12. Wow, I thought it was only my People that did stuff like that, sitting there like the dead while supposedly “doing” something. The Woman pretends to work, but I don’t think much gets done…

    A belated Happy Birthday to your mom!

  13. Yup, our mum sits at the computer not moving sometimes and we worry she has died. We get up to check and find she’s asleep.

  14. We’re glad the Woman had a good birthday, but she really should start paying more attention to you, Chey…

  15. Ohhhhh nooooo, we are sorry we missed your Mom’s birthday, so we are sending her a Belated Happy Birthday wish! Momma is slacking again, dang her! We are glad her birthday was wonderful, but we do think you should have gotten more petting from her … hee hee! Give her a birthday kissy for us!
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon (and Momma Jan the slacker too!)

  16. I’m glad to hear that she had a happy birthday!! Its not nice that she didn’t pet you much though…

  17. Haha and a very happy birthday to the woman!!!

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