Cheysuli: Appalled!

img_6298aYou know what is horrible? I have my bed next to the Woman’s side of the bed. The laundry basket is there.

The Male, much to my horror, stands on the other side of the bed and throws in his dirty socks and underware into the laundry basket.

Just one little mistake and they would be on MY HEAD.

And then what?

Does he care?


He laughs.

I am appalled!!!


  1. Rub your butt across his pillow in revenge. That’s what I would do.

  2. What a philistine! If he does that you should steal his socks. That drives hoomans crazy!

  3. All you need to do is leave something special in his shoes in the morning and maybe he will learn.

  4. I had sumone drop water on my hed one time. I did not like that at all. I think I would not like a sock hitting me eether. Be strong Chey, be strong!

  5. Vampy Vic says:

    Just remember he has to sleep sometime Chey mwaahahaha

  6. Gee, we actally LIKE the worn cloths. They smell innerestin. Sometimes we even jump inta the hamper and take some out to play wif…

  7. Hee hee~
    You could always have great attack bed while beans sleep~!
    Never too late, and lots of chances.

  8. That is appalling. We think you should take some lessons from Max. Poop on his pillow, stick your nose up his, and hit him in the eye while he sleeps. That should help you get even.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  9. What? What is WRONG with the Male?!? Even my OTW is icked out by the thought of his icky used man-panties landing on you! EEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!! If they do, poot in his face! Or walk on his pillows right after using the litter box!

  10. This is truly dreadful behaviour, I see I am not the only cat who is suffering at present – even though I’m likely to be suffering more than anykitty… *sigh*

  11. The horror!!!

  12. You mean ::gasp:: you have to sleep next to HIS underwear and smelly socks? Oh! the horror of it ::shudder::

  13. That’s just plain RUDE!!!

  14. Chey, I think it’s time to dispose of the male. The torture he puts you through is unacceptable. It’s time for his evil reign to end…

  15. Wow he has no respect for the kitteh. Maybe you should teach him a lesson and give him the cold shoulder!

  16. that is truly appalling! OH MY BAST

  17. What’s the saying- one cat’s trash is another cat’s treasure?? Chey…I’m twitching at the thought of such treasures going unloved and unappreciated. These are delicacies! ohhh…dirty socks….heaven…

  18. It sounds like he is playing a game. Your next move might be hairball hack on the pillow the male likes, or something equally offensive.

  19. These men need to get real, I mean you know he would think it was hilarious. Probably your mom would even laugh with him. I think you should get one step ahead of him and chew holes in his socks.

  20. Chey, you, Cory and me have to sit down together and we will tell you some amazing things about stinky socks…
    Purrs, Chilli

  21. Hey, Chey! You should try wearing the underwears on your head. It’s FUN!

  22. You know Chey, you could take this situation into your own hands…er, paws. Enlist Gemini’s aide. Then each of you grab a side of your bed with your mouths and give a good pull, moving it out of the “target” area.

  23. non, non, non… it can’t be! next time, show him, he is the boss, Chey!

    all the best for you, dear!

  24. opsy, daisy! I wanted to say that, HE IS NOT THE BOSS, YOU ARE! let me know how it was his reaction, ok? all the best!

  25. Chey….how about leaving him a present on his pillow? Your choice of presents…of course!

  26. Chey
    I am lucky because I am Daddy’s boy.
    It’s a good thing, because Momma spends all her time with the girls and both Mr. Jinx and I get left out on a lot of stuff. But I sit with my Daddy everynight. He loves me.

    Helllllllooooo Miss Gemini.
    Abby’s vet trip went purrty good. She smells funny though.

    your boyfriendcat

  27. For every sock thrown, that is how much litter you throw back, Chey!

  28. Oh, Chey. If you really hate that underwear so much, you know what you can do it it, don’t you?

    A. Sit on it till it’s all furry.
    B. Rip it with your claws.
    C. Oh, did we have an accident?

  29. First the laundry basket should go on the human male’s side of the bed! It should not be anywhere near your bed.

  30. we think you should go sit on his head and let a stinky out (sssh, hehehe) .

  31. Chey, yoo’ve gotta moove outta that place. The indigniteez yoo are ixpeeriensing are indeed appalling. If yoo can’t find a way to brake owt, at leest go pee on stuff.

  32. Chey,
    we’d be appalled too!

    Thanks for visiting last week and wishin’ us a happee birfday!

    Jesse and Dazey

  33. Chey, that is indeed appalling. I hope you are formulating a suitable form of vengeance if such a thing were ever to happen. Our advice is to let the punishment fit the crime — it must be stinky!

  34. Pick up the dirty socks, carry them over to his side of the bed, and put them on his head when he is asleep. Simple, elegant, solution.


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