Things Are Looking Up

img_6315aWell after today the Woman will be home more again. I cannot believe I have had to depend upon the male to feed me!

And then there is no one to talk to except him for three whole days. Yes I know she came home late in the evening, but she was tired and all she talked about was Tran Tran Tran. Tran this and Tran that. Well I have some thing to say to Dr. Tran. I hope he never runs into me because I do not appreciate him taking away my human for three days and leaving me with the male. This is not the way to “calm the mental”. If that’s what he thinks he is doing, then he better rethink this. This most certainly did not CALM THE MENTAL for me.

In fact as hard as the Woman was thinking, I don’t think it calmed the mental for her either!

She has one more day of acupuncture coverage for her office mate and then she is back to her regular schedule. If I can get her out of bed on Tuesday we should get back to our regularly scheduled reading and I can figure out what everyone around here has been doing while I’ve been gone!

Things are definitely looking up.

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  1. we feel your pain.. it is hard to live with humans who stick pins in things for a living…….calm your shen with this fine bottle of wine and ham we have fedex’d

  2. We know what you mean Chey!! Mom was away ALL weekend and we had to suffer with our sitter :O He did not help us visit either!
    Let’s hope things improve…quickly!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  3. If I had to rely on the Man here, I would never get to visit other kitties. All he does in play WoW and I’m not sure he would know HOW to find my friends. Really, the Women should write that down for him…

  4. The only thing the man is good for around here are smelly socks and helping Jonesie with the gardening…as for helping me visit friends, forget it! We feel your pain Chey.

  5. It’s rough when the mom has to be gone for several days in a row! I hope things get back to normal soon.

  6. Oh my … just look at that neglected face! I’m so glad things are about to turn around! šŸ™‚

  7. we are glads to hear you will be getting your attentions back. that is a way long time to go withouts!

  8. Glad things are looking up! Our male, the butler, seems to be a lot better trained than yours! He jumps to our every wish and desire, hahahahahahahahahahaha!
    We make him serve food on a table in the garden, put ladders in special places so we can reach them better, leave the butter in our reach – come to think about it, he might be even better trained than the maid!

  9. Oah~~~
    your human will be back in very soon!!!

  10. Oh goodness, glad that you have your Mom coming back to you. We don’t know what we’re going to do when our staff goes on vacation in a few months Our sitter won’t have a clue how to help us see our friends.

  11. yay for your mom being home again!

  12. You must be so happy that you will have you mom back soon!

  13. “Calm the mental”…

    I believe that’s my catch phrase for the day.

  14. I need some “calm the mental” for my Mommy!

  15. Almost look on the positive side of things, Chey. When your mom is back in her normal schedule she’ll have a bad conscience for having you left alone with the man – you could milk that!

  16. I hope you get to enjoy some serious Mom-time soon.

  17. I hope your mom and you can have some quality snuggle time soon. She needs it!

  18. We’re glad your mom is coming home…we don’t think we like Dr. Tran much either…and we don’t even know him…

  19. Okay Chey, we just have to ask, what, exactly, is wrong with “the man”? Our dad is a man and he gives excellent scritches. Oh, he doesn’t do much else but getting scritches is purrty importint.

  20. glad ta hear yoor mommeh iz returnin ta her regularly scheduled blogging. Its so hard ta keep moms on da schedule dese days.

  21. We are glad the Woman is back and that you will haf someone to talk to and get scritches…

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