Tabby Tuesday

img_6229aI was not pleased to get taken out to the garage. There were way too many smells and it was all open and there were not many places to hide. I think that is way to scary for a little cat like me. Fortunately Momma agreed and she brought me back in.

Momma told me that she will be gone a lot working these next two weeks. She has some posts set to be posted each day but that she will not have time to really keep up with all our friends like she usually does.

She is out day hunting more and working very long hours at the office where she subs.  Oh and patients picked up when you purred for us last month too!  Wow.  So now she is really busy.  Also not this weekend, but the next weekend, at the end of the time she is subbing she has a class that she is taking and then the following week she has to cover for her office mate in her own office with extra hours. I think she will be very tired by that time.

I hope she has time for me to purr at her!


  1. Humans are so hard to understand… they want to be busy then they complain. We understand….happy st pattys day. We will send a ham.

  2. Goodness … Your momma is furry, furry busy. Mine is on vacation. I could teleport MY momma up to your house so that she could take up some of the slack … Just a suggestion.

  3. Ewwww. I don’t fink I’d like the garage neither. We’s glad yore Mommy has werk cuz that’s good for keepin treets and foodz in the house. But gee, it’s tuff when the beans are gone lots. Be sure to get lotsa pets when she’s round.

  4. Hey, dear~~
    I hope your mommy will have good busy days,
    keeping busy is good at this very bad ecnomic days,
    I hope everything is going great at your family.
    Meanwhile, I certainly shall miss you, and keep up to your post.
    Not to worry about us!!

  5. Your Mom should know better than to take a nice ladycat like you out to the garage to find a nasty rat. I mostly feel happy that your Mom is so busy, because that it really good these days, but I also feel sorry that she is going to be so tired. I know how it goes. Business is picking up at the store I work at and I have to work longer hours, too.

  6. She’ll surely enjoy your purring on her after a long day working. All the best for your mom during these two long weeks. Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  7. too much work is really bad for the humans. she will be very crabby!

  8. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all. just give your Mom lotsa smooches and she’ll be fine.

  9. Vampy Vic says:

    I have no doubts whatsoever that your momma will have time for you to purr at her sweet Gemini! In fact I think she will be needing and looking forward to them :)))
    We hope that your momma finds still time to breathe :))

  10. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you.
    You may not think so Gemini, but it is good for your mum to be busy. We are glad her work has picked up.
    Don’t worry, we’re sure she will always have time for you to purr for her.

  11. Humans are always busy…I don’t understand why they can’t just sleep all the time

  12. Wow what a busy Momma! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  13. She sure sounds busy, I know how busy work can be 🙂

  14. Busy is a good thing for beans. If they are not kept busy they tend to get into trouble…
    hugs to all of you and happy St. P day!!

  15. Your mom sure sounds really busy with work, too bad. We are sending you some extra hugs and purrs and want to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  16. Yoo know jus force yer way into her lap and purr, she wont be able to resist.

    Happy St Patrick’s Day!

    We is lookin forward to corn beef later if we can get it away from Jake the woofie first.

  17. Happy St Pat’s Day girls! *Irish smoochies on the cheeks*

  18. There is always time for us to purr at our beans….you just may have to do it before she goes to sleep at night!

    Why in the world did she take you out to the garage?

  19. At least they could’ve freshened up the garage and moved in some furniture so it can have a homey feel for the short time you were there.

  20. We will send lots of pug snorts your way for your mom.


  21. Oh poor you and poor your Momma. Work is an odd thing, there’s either too little of it or far too much! 🙂 xxx

  22. Gemini…you really don’t look happy at all! We sure hope your mom saves some time for you!

  23. what a nice picture of you.

    big open spaces are scary for us kittys till we get used to em, huh.

  24. Wow, the magic of purrs! We’re sure mom will save some time for you. Even when mom is busy, you can sleep on her at night and purr in her ear.

  25. Oh we all love ta get ta go out inna garage. Its a special place we hardly efer see, so we wanna go sniff around…

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