Tabby Tuesday

img_5961aI do not know why Cheysuli is upset. Momma remembered her birthday by noon of her birthday. Momma doesn’t even know exactly when my birthday is. She doesn’t even remember the date of my gotcha day (only that it was two days after her first Siamese Simone died sometime in the middle of May).

I mean I am not upset about that. In fact, I sit on Momma and make lots and lots of biscuits because I am a nice cat. And I purr loudly. I do this early in the morning sometimes too because I like that. I am a morning cat. I think Momma should learn to be a morning person, don’t you?

Anyway, that is just how I see it.


  1. I was born on May 1st and my gottcha day was June 13th and I never let my mom bean forget those two dates!

    At least you and I will be celebrating in the same month…


  2. It’s all about the lovin’ anyway, right Gemini?

  3. We made our mum write our purrfday on the calendar.
    We are definitely not morning cats.We have breakfast and go back to bed until mum takes us for a walk. We like being out in the garden when it is dark at night and mum always has to call us in when she goes to bed.

  4. I’m a morning cat too! I love the mornings before my mom goes to work!

  5. At our house we all have made up birthdays except for Madison. We know he was born on May 13th, the middle of May just like your gotcha day. As for the rest of us, they assign us birthdays that go with our gotcha days, or in my case I was such a weensy kitten, they could guess that I was born around the 1st of April, so I got stuck with April fools day as my birthday. I’m no fool. Grete dog had some sketchy records so we know she was born in July of 2006, so my mom and dad chose Bastille Day for her birthday. I really don’t care as long as I get fussed over. Hopefully Chey got lots of fussin’ and goodies on her birthday.

  6. Right on, I don’t know what the big deal is, that day was just embarrasing for me. You know what, I’ll post my shame and maybe that’ll make Cheysuli feel a little better about being forgotten.

  7. people should be morning people. and night people. and middle of the night people. instead of just being lame all the time.

  8. Our human thinks mornings are for mourning.

  9. Oh…you can come and make luv bikkies on our Mommy anytime!!! She loves ’em!!
    You are so pretty!

  10. Gemini, you are furry sweet to make bisquits on your mom. Our mom sez she is not a morning person either…and there’s no way to make her one…

  11. I can’t believe I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday on Chey’s birthday!! Happy birthday Chey!!!!

  12. Don’t feel bad..our Momma does not know our birthdays, either. Mainly because none of us were born-ded here. She does not even have us a Gotcha Day. *sigh*
    ~ The Bunch

  13. Ha!!! The truth sneaks out!!!
    Gemini,you are such a lovely kitty.
    You seem to have a pleasant purrsonality 🙂
    The most important thing is,that your Mom
    loves all of you kitties!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  14. I am so sorry that I missed Chey’s birthday. Well, I don’t know my birthday and there is no record of my Gotcha Day either. As long as my SS loves me, who cares!

  15. Awww, Gemini, you’re such a sweet girl. And you sound like Marilyn, likin to purr and make biscuits! If Marilyn kould, she’d spend 24/7 on Momma’s lap, purrin and makin biscuits.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  16. You’re awful sweet Gemini. Not remembering til Noon means not getting purrthday treats til noon. I’d be upset about that for sure!
    Thanks yall for visiting BKCFoC this weekend 🙂
    da Mini

  17. That’s so sweet of you to make biscuits on your mom and help her feel better. I’ve had to do that a bunch with my mom lately because she has had a little of the “blues.”

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