Sophia is Our Sunday Guest Star

2408493339_a5a360fae9Well many many cats thought I was in Chicago, but Sophia got the first correct answer by saying:

I thought it looked like Seattle.

Indeed I am.

Riley and Tiki and Alexi guessed that I was in Seattle near Pike’s Place Market. I am not too far, although the market should be to my left and on the hill which is blocked by the building.

Kaika said:

Looks like you are down on a wharf at Elliott Bay. It’s been years since my mom lived in Seattle … the skyline has changed –a lot!

I think this is the best answer. Cory and Kaika were working on getting the exact pier but as the photo was taken about five years ago, the Woman doesn’t remember what pier she is on. She thinks they walked down past where the Ivar’s restaurant is on the pier (although she can’t remember for certain). It might be the next pier over. She is fairly certain they walked out there to watch a ferry taking off from the area to the right of where I am.

Fat Eric said he would have known if the Space Needle or Mt. Rainier were in the photo. I think even I would recognize where I was if I saw the Space Needle (but don’t expect a full on shot of that, although you might get some odd angles of it sometime!) but perhaps Mt. Rainier!

Eric and Flynn were thrown by the water. Seattle is actually situated on Puget Sound. One of the Woman’s favorite tourist attractions is the Seattle Underground. You go to the underground city and walk around with a guide. Why did they build the city up higher? Well it’s because of the tides. When the tides were in, water back flushed up the toilets because the water level was so high. Because residents didn’t like this for some reason, they built the city up higher–I believe about the second story as it goes down the hill towards the Sound. Of course, Eric and Flynn, given how much it rains here the idea that your humans didn’t see any water makes her chuckle…

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  1. Congrats to Sophia! And a very Happy Sunday to you all!

  2. We’re glad some kitties knew where ya was lost at cause we had no idea at all!

  3. Vampy Vic says:

    OooH I saw the Seattle underground on one of those ghost hunter type shows.. wow was that cool! I would love to see underground too!…
    OOPS MOMMA SAW.. even…

  4. Concats to Sophia. Our mum says the thing she remembers the most was the big tall trees. They were on about the eighth or ninth floor, (she can’t remember exactly) and when she went on the balcony, the trees were as high as she was.

  5. Yay for Sophia!!!

  6. At least I guessed a town that had water…

  7. Very good Sophia!!
    ~ Miss Emily

  8. Sophia is a smart kitty.Good looking too πŸ™‚
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  9. My black twin is smart. Go Sophia!

  10. Concats to Sophia! Of all the places to find you, we should have been able to find you in the Northwest….

    ps, we love Sophia’s nose spot!

  11. Congratulations to Sophia. Poor us, we do not get out much!

  12. Diva Sophia is really pretty. She looks like my sister, Baby Pig (god bless her poosie soul) Glad someone guessed correctly!

  13. Yay Sophia, you are a well informed tuxie girl! Us on the other hand, well we suck … hee hee!
    Chey, we hope you, Gemini and Georgia have a great Sunday, what’s left of it anyway!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  14. Oops, wrong again! Not only did I get the wrong city, but the wrong side of the ocean as well! Concatulations Sophia! πŸ™‚ xxx

  15. Such a nice surprise to see Sophia over here!

  16. Sophia is a beautiful kitty!

  17. Yay Sophia! And Chey yoo looked beautipusss in yur pitchur. Purr…

  18. Get out! I guessed right? Meow!

  19. beeeeeeeeeautiful!


  20. Congrats to Sophia! Mommy visited Seattle in July 2003. Not only was there no rain, there were several grassfires on the news because it was so dry. She didn’t see any rain until she landed in O-Hi-O.

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