Meezer Monday

img_6297aThis weekend the Male saw a rat in the garage.   No, he didn’t look in the mirror! He got out of the car and saw something that looked like a ran run towards the outside.   He and the Woman had to go to the store and got some traps and then they backed the cars out of the garage and looked around and found some chewed up bags of grass seed and moss killer!  And so they cleaned all of that up and then put out the traps.

They wanted me and Gemini to go explore the garage but I refused to go out.

You know, the Woman always says she doesn’t know when I eat and she can’t figure out why I am so plump right now…


  1. I think you look great, Chey – what a lovely picture of you!

    Rats? Are those anything like lizards? I’m *there!

  2. Don’t eat the rats! They might have cooties! We have roof rats and they like to get in the garage sometimes, but I haven’t seen one yet. The Man says they’re BIG, really big. He had to do lots of work outside, like cut a tree back to block off a way into the attic, and he has to put traps all over and check them. The Woman won’t do it cause she’s a weenie.

  3. Mice are fun, but rats are kind of scary! At least it wasn’t a possum!

  4. We think you look perfectly svelte.

  5. When you say ‘traps’ you mean the “have a heart traps’ – right???
    We sure hope so….. Even if WE hate them as we can’t get to the juicy rats once they are in there……

  6. Real live mousies? How cool is that?! Akshully, Chey, we think you look fabulous, a little skeletal, but fabulous! Maybe a few mousies would be good for you.

  7. I think I’d like to go hunting!

  8. you’re amazing, Chey!
    mousies? they’re nothing but rats… humpf! ignore them!

    kisses for you, dear! have a great, great day!

  9. MMmmmm rats are tasty. So are squirrels and… well you get it. They’re a danged hassle to hunt sometimes though. So eating out of the food bowl ain’t a bad deal. Just don’t let the human see you doing it. heheheh
    your bud Pepi

  10. Miss Gemini
    Momma has us all hostage and we never know when she is gonna get back to normal…we don’t know what she is gonna do or what we can do about it.

    your boyfriendcat in exile

  11. miz allie cat says:

    yummmmmmy…meow…mes love those mouses…but rats…theys a bit too furry and big fur me these days…so Is just stays indoors and watches them through the big loooking glass…meow…age does has its pluses….meow…

  12. Chey, we thinks maybe your belleh is full of juicy mousies that get inside the house.

  13. Mice? Rats? I think I’m going to go puke…

  14. Vampy Vic says:

    I think rats chasing sounds like lots of fun but I have seen what they can do.. Tristan only last week had his lip bit.. ouchies!
    I hope we never get ratties here a cause momma is too much of a wuss to use traps.. I hope you ratties disappear as quick as they came :))
    Ifs you take away their food source they has no reason to stay 🙂

  15. You wouldn’t go in the garage — and there was a rat in there? Chey, how much have you been sneaking on the side to be so full you have no room for treats?

  16. (gasp) I can’t believe it…they actually expected you & Gemini to go and find the rat!!! Humans are so pathetic, aren’t they.


    PS I think you look just fine, Chey. Ignore all comments about your weight. I do.

  17. Chey – I think your male needs to look in the mirror. I’m sure he’s beginning to sag as well.

  18. Ah, rats… Your Woman can’t see when you eat so she wonders how you’re getting so fat well-fed-looking. Your Dad sees his own smelly feet rats coming out of the garage… Hmmm, is this a case for… Wotsitcalled? Begins with “C”, ends with “I”??

    Thank you for thanking me for the award. You’re very deserving and welcome! 🙂 xxx

  19. Yikes! A rat!

  20. plump!?!?
    you do not look plump. your coat is very heavy though, that is good.
    Ick a rat, good thing you did not go after it. icky!

  21. We thought hunting rats would be fun until mom told us how big rats can be…we’ll stick with little mice…and fake ones at that!

    Chey…you don’t look plump to us at all!

  22. Oh rats!!! Take that as you may 😉 heehee
    Maybe you are just getting better at conserving energy
    and that is why you ‘look’ plump 😉
    I’m sure it is just camera angle 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  23. Watch out Chey! Eating rats that have been eating moss killer may disagree with you. Between ourselves, how do you get in and out of the fridge?

  24. The rat won’t hurt you, will it Chey? (I hope I am not insulting you by asking that, I just don’t want you to get hurt.)


  25. Oh rats! Mum has seen a rat once at her old house. Neighbors used to leave garbage all over the place. This house only has mousies, plus other wild creatures.

  26. We don’t have rats but we have opossums in the summer. They look kind of ratlike with their scaly tails. The babies are cute, but the adults get big & ugly.
    Don’t go out in the garage if they are there! Sometimes when they are cornered they will choose to fight and we don’t want you to get hurt or infected. ok?

  27. Rats? Yuck! You shouldn’t be forced to capture those vile creatures! I’m glad to hear that you stood your ground!

  28. We have never seen any rats anywhere. I think that I might go out and investigate in a garage because I’m never allowed to go out there… And I certainly don’t think that you look plump at all!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  29. A bit off-topic, has the success of the Cat P-I caused the Seattle P-I to become a web-only product also?

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