Georgia Is Still Here

img_6246aWe are very thankful to Georgia for helping the Woman win the teleparty with Janet Roper, the Animal Communicator. It was a very nice time for all.

I was thrilled that Latte got to speak but disappointed that I couldn’t talk about myself as apparently the Woman seems to think I talk to her all the time. You couldn’t prove it by me that she’s listening… HELLO.

So she talked to Gemini. She does listen to Georgia and Georgia is a very wise cat I guess.

While she is starting to look her age and her fur is all funny and her eye has that drippiness you can see, she seems happy enough and is still with us. We take each day as it comes.


  1. We’re glad that Georgia is still here to, as long as she’s happy we’re happy…stop by fur a niptini tomoro and bring Georgia, we’ll set up a nice place fur her to rest and watch the festivities.

  2. It would not be a good thing if someone told the Woman what I was thinking. I might get locked up or somthing…

  3. My mom had an animal communicator talk with my furry family before I was born. She found out all sort of interesting things about my guardian Angels Colby, Lewis and Maxfield. I think it’s time someone talked to me.

    PS. We’re really glad Geogia is still here!

  4. Georgia is a sweetie and as long as she is comfortable and happy she will stay with you. You know she will tell you when she is ready to make the transition. This is a very difficult time for you all and believe me, I know how it feels. My heart goes out to you and to Georgia, whom I know feels your love and concern. xxx

  5. yay georgia! we send you a big hug from us four.

    maw says you is very purty indeed!!

  6. So? What EXACTLY did you’ll talk about??? We think Georgia looks just great for her age!!!

  7. Georgia must talking something very important~!!!
    I am sending my purrs and hugs from here, too!

  8. Purrs and hugs from us two too!

  9. Wat drippiness? We see no drippiness!

  10. awwwww purrrssss and gentle headbutts to Georgia – she’s such a beautiful lady.

  11. We are thankful that Georgia is still here too, and she still looks very beautiful.

  12. I know I am glad that Georgia is still with you. She is beautiful.

  13. Georgia is still gorgeous!

  14. Ohhhh, our Momma just wants to give sweet Georgia gentle kissies on her beautiful head! And we send her kitty hugs!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  15. I think Georgia is lovely!

  16. Geogia… just peachy. Georgia… on our minds. Georgia… we lufs ya!

  17. Sounds like it was a very cool experience. We are happy that Georgia is still with you and got to talk. Give her a kiss for all of us.

  18. Stop by when you can. We have something for you.

  19. Hmmm. Our comment dissapeared, so we’ll re-write it.

    Stop by when you can. We have something for you.

  20. Georgia is still a very beautiful girl. Hugs and purrs to her. Our Mom is obsessed with calico girls!

  21. Every day with a beautipuss lady like Georgia is a gift. I wood like to give her a gentle hedbutt. Purr…

  22. Hello, sweet Georgia! We think you look lovely and we are very glad that you are still happy!

    We followed the link to the Animal Communicator and then followed a link to a Dog Poo Picker-upper service, where we found it… Poo Haiku! Mom was laffin and laffin!

  23. what a wonderful cat you are, Georgia! Georgia, oh, Georgia… I love Ray Charles!

    kisses for you all!

  24. She’s such a beauty. I’m glad the talk went well.

  25. We are very happy that Georgia is still with you! You must be taking very good care of her for her to still be around! Give her some very gentle headbutts for please.

  26. Georgia is beautiful!!!!!

  27. We also think Georgia is looking good 🙂
    WE think you all look good!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  28. Georgia, we can tell you are very wise…and you are still beautiful!

  29. Hello Georgia, Haven’t seen you in a long time. You do look good for being a senior catizen.

  30. Georgia, your wisdom is worth everyone’s time and attention.

  31. I think you are still very beautiful Georgia and my momma says that she would love to cuddle with you, and love to listen to what you have to say also.
    You has a look like you can’t really be bothered, but love the hoomans very much and know that they need you :))

  32. We fink dat one does not have to use words or meows to talk too Georgia =)

  33. Sweet Georgia an my mind…
    So it’s the age that is getting to her? Oh Georgia! We will listen to Billy Holiday in your honour!

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