Gemini Waits for Spring

img_6224aIt was a very cold day here today. It started out with snow and then it stopped and melted a little. Then it began to hail REALLY REALLY hard. It was very scary to hear it hit the windows. Then it turned to snow again and it snowed very hard. Then it stopped again and everything started to melt a little.

Momma had the fire on so when I stopped being afraid of the hail (it took me a few hours) I came down and sat in front of it where it is warm.

I think it is supposed to be spring here so I do not know why it is hailing and thundering. Did I tell you it thundered too? I do not know that I like this. I am a very quiet cat.

I like this photo because it shows I have a curly whisker. I think that gives me something in common with Daisy the Curly Cat. She is very fashionable and very nice. Much nicer than Cheysuli so I am pleased that I have a whisker like hers.


  1. So sorry that you had to deal with the summer boomers! We had a beautiful day here today. Nothing but blue skies and 80+ temperatures!

  2. Wow!! We had 82 degrees today!! We hope Spring comes to you guys soon!! That is a beautiful picture of your Gemini!
    Your FL furiends,

  3. You’re so sweet, Gemini – I love your curly whisker! The cold doesn’t sound good, but the fireplace sure does!

  4. Ooo, that weather sounds cold and nasty! It’s tipping down with rain here, I can hear it lashing against the windows, but that’s better than snow, hail and thunder!

    That’s a gorgeous picture of you Gemini and I love your curly whisker! 🙂 xxx

  5. Gem you are sooooo cute!!! gorgeous in fact : )

  6. Gemini, we have something in common. I have one sort of curlish whisker too. It sort of grows the wrong way. Mom says it is cute and she smooches me in that area. Praps we sould start a one curly whisker club? LOL!

  7. Oh boy.. how did you curl just that one whisker?!?! That is NEAT!
    I do not like storms either.. though I feel much better next to my sisfur than I do my momma.. momma gets upset by this, but I loves my sisfur very much and I know momma loves me still.. maybe you should try cuddling with Chey next storm and see how you feel :))

  8. Mommy wants to smooch your nose. I have to admit it, your nose is pretty adorable!

  9. That is a nice curly whisker but the straight ones are great too. You have very pretty eyes!

  10. That is a nice curly whisker. I have curly eyebrows but mum says that is because I like to lie to close to the woodburner.
    We hope your weather gets better. Mum says she remembers the first time we saw hail when we were baby kitties. We were playing in the garden and we thought somebody was throwing things at us when the hail hit us. We both floofed up like bottle brushes and ran indoors.

  11. we lyk that close up shot of yoo Gemini. we had snow last weekend and this past weekend it wuz 70. today itz gonna be 80 here. but we wanted more snow lyk yoo gotted this winter. were sorry tha hail skeered yoo. be safe and warm by tha fire.

  12. that is very wild weather.

    we love your curly whisker – but you are very beautiful anyway

  13. That is really wild, roller coaster like weather you had! Mom just loves that squeelicious face!

  14. Hail! We’ve never seen that here before. Sounds scary!

  15. Gemini, I like your curly whiskers! Maybe we are related!

  16. We want Spring too! We want to see all the birdies flying around in the trees! And we want the door to be open a bit so we can sniff the outdoors! Come on Spring! Hurry up!

    Cute whiskers Gemini!

  17. I have to say we had a taste of Spring last weekend and I just can’t wait until it is here for real!!

  18. Mom told us that at this time of year, the weather gets real wacky…you can have snow one day, rain the next, 70 degrees one day, then 30 degrees the next…we just wish the weather would make up its mind!!!

  19. Gee whiz!! That sounds like a crazy,mixed up day!!!!
    A nice spot in front of the fire sounds like the best plan!!!
    We still have about 10 days before it is really Spring.
    Mom says March is a nutty weather month!!!!!
    I just want Spring!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Gemini, that hail and thunder stuff scares us too! Just the snow alone is bad enough, so we hope spring gets there really, really soon for you! We all think that your sweet face and your curly whisker are just absolutely adorable, too.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  21. Gemini, you are very beautiful, curly whisker or not. In fact we think you and our step-sister Feather MUST be related somehow, because you look so much alike.

    We have been enjoying 80 degree temps and Mom says 70 on the patio at night is thisclose to perfect! Yeah. Farewell, Winter! And good riddance!

  22. We’re sorry to hear you were so scared, Gemini. Are you calm and back to normal now? Scary times are good times for snuggling with someone.

  23. Dat is a really nice piksher of yoo! Yoor furry purrty! We haf so much rain dat ::whispers-poopie:: waters came out of da floor drain in da basement…mom got dat big metal snake dat makes all da noise cuz it is ‘lectrik and made da water go away.

  24. I don’t like hail either. It is furry noisy and if big enough break things bad.

  25. We see your waverly whisker! Too cute and you are soo big and handsome too!

  26. That sounds like a scary storm!

  27. Well that certainly sounds like no fun. We saw some sun today. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. sigh.


  28. Dood, I has a curly whisker too. Do yoo fink all the girl cats would like us more if we are fashionable like Daisy? Just wonderin …

  29. Love that curly whisker with a mind of it’s own! We had whacky weather yesterday too…a litle bit of everything, including blue sky and sunshine mixed in with the hail and snow. Even Jonesie refused to go outside!

  30. Gemini dear, may we say how lovely you’re looking today. And that curly whisker gives you that special touch.

    Tipper & Misty

  31. Gemini….you look beautiful!

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