Gemini Plans a Seminar

img_5890aI am tired of Momma being busy. She should not be so busy. She helped me read friends this weekend and yesterday but she is gone all day today. You know on Sunday I had to stand in front of her to read blogs and Cheysuli was there too? I didn’t even get my own time in! I did not like that at all.

I will be so glad when she is done with this week and weekend. She is going to a class this weekend. She will be learning more about acupuncture. I thought she already did that lots? But no! She wants to learn more.

I think I will plan a seminar for her all about me! I will have lots of stuff to say about my floof and my lovely eyes and my big kitty toes that like to make biscuits. Then she can spend three eight hour days just with me. I think this is a very good plan.


  1. Why does she need to learn about acupuncture? It’s just poky things. You have claws, you can poke her all she wants. She should stay home and let you do that.

  2. We like Max’s statement – why doesn’t she just use you to help her out?

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. Aww we hope that your seminar goes well. We hope you get some Mommy time soon.

  4. Well,
    I guess Mommy always has her reason,
    so~ Let her be~~~
    I am sending my biggest purr purr support for you~!!!

  5. I think a seminar about how gorgeous and floofy and pretty you are is a wonderful idea! Maybe when you’ve done it, you can teach a class to the rest of us cats suffering from neglect so we can teach our humans to appreciate us better! i mean, mommy only snuggles me eleventy times a day! That’s not nearly enough!

  6. Where do I sign up?

  7. That is a very good plan. You could also take up acupuncture and practice on her with your claws.

  8. that sounds like a good plan, she could obviously use a refresher course

  9. Can all our humans attend the seminar?

  10. That sounds like a great plan! Can you invite my mommy too?

  11. I think hosting a seminar that’s all about you is a great idea, Gemini. Be sure to tell us all about it!

  12. That’s a furry good plan, Gemini! Maybe yoo can teech us other cats how to do our own seminars too. You could get lotsa tem-tay-shuns for that!

  13. We think a 3-day seminar about nothing but you, Gemini, is an excellent idea! Make sure attendance is mandatory!

  14. Gemini, I think that’s an excellent plan! I think you should have a quiz at the end so you can make sure she is paying total attention to you.

  15. **PLOP***

    Miss Gemini
    Ping has fallen over after peering at your picture.
    I have to tell you he is a little lover, not a fighter, but when I try to push him around, he will *twap* me on the head. He is twice my height, so it’s easy for him to put the paw on my head.


  16. I think that your mom is like my mom. They want to know EVERYTHING there is to know about EVERYTHING. I can sympathize.
    Hope you get your alone time with her.


  17. Gemini, you are a genius to come up with that plan! You deserve AT LEAST three 8 hour days, if not more! And Eric and Flynn had a really good idea with the acupuncture too … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  18. Ooooooh yur Mom is doin’ a good fing by learnin’ bout acupuncture. Den she can help so many ofur hyoomans. Snuggle up to her an I bet she won’t be able to resist yoo.

  19. Dat is a great plan Gemini…sometimes yoo hafta re-write da beans skedjool so dey haf time to cuddle wif yoo.

  20. Gemini, that’s a superduper pickshure of you. And what a fabyoolus idea to have a seminar fur your Momma about you! I think maybe us Ballicai should have a seminar fur our Momma about us! She is so dang buzzy lately that she hasn’t helped us blog in ofur a week and that makes us reeeeeeally frustrated! Buzzy Mommas… what are we kitties gonna do!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  21. Great plan, Gemini! A floof seminar! Can I send my mom to it too?

  22. I sympathize with you Gemini. My mom bean is home most of the time and I still don’t get the quality time I’d like to have.


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