Find Chey Friday


All that scandal about male fraud has really gotten to me!  I went out tiptoeing and I have no idea where I ended up.  Fortunately I am not out on a limb over water…. just out on a limb but then I frequently am!  Can anyone tell me where I am and perhaps how to get home?

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  1. It looks like you ended up at the Botanical Gardens in…um…Sacramento…

  2. If you aren’t tiptoeing through the tulips with me, then…hmmm it’s definitely too neat to be my backyard. The best lovely garden we know is Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC. So are you there?

  3. the secret garden?

  4. Oh no no no no no – FRIDAY. We have to make a note to NOT come here on Fridays…. Before we met you we always thought we had a good sense of geography… O well – wherever you are – it is NOT sunny there! So you might as well come over here, where it is, hahahahahahahahahahhaha

  5. This is a tough one this week. We know you aren’t at the Smithsonian Botanical Gardens. It almost looks like Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  6. Oah My~
    What a beautiful garden you visit~!!!

  7. Those are lovely flowers in the gardens. We have no idea where you are, but we see there are red Aids ribbons tied to the tree.

  8. We don’t know where you are but there’s lots of nice grass and flowers to chew!

  9. The Kemper Gardens in Kansas City, MO?

  10. We would guess a botanical garden too, Chey, and since we are in St. Louis we will guess the Missouri Botanical Garden. It sure is beautiful, almost as much as you are lounging in that tree!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  11. Yep, you’re in a garden. That’s all we can figger. We hope somecat can help you find yore way home.

  12. I think it’s the Botantical Gardens in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I’m sure, though, that I’m nowhere close. LOL

  13. Are you at the Chicago Botanic Gardens? Just a wild guess on our part naturally.

  14. I gots no idea what gardens you in but i wanna go there and play too!

  15. That sure is a purrty garden you’re in, Chey! We don’t have a clue where it is though…we just hope that you don’t fall from that branch!

  16. As usual….no idea. I shall guess Longwood Gardens in PA.

  17. HEY! You’re in our back yard! Get off the tree and come on in for the nap pile!!!

  18. All cats know how to find their way home – you’re just playing with us, but we’ll play along…

    You’re in paradise?

    Fluffy and Bonkers

  19. Your are up a tree and out on a limb in a pretty spring garden. I agree with Cory, we need to tip toe through the tulips.

  20. We were going to guess Butchart Gardens also… so we’ll guess Huntington Gardens

  21. We don’t know where you are, but it sure is purrty!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  22. I have no idea where you are, but the gardens are beautiful!

  23. No one has gotten it yet. The Butchart Gardens are the closest (I think as I don’t know about Huntington) but I am not that far north…

  24. Oh, you are in are backyard. It looks exactly like that! Really.

    Well, not EXACTLY with those nice hedges, and not EXACTLY wif da nice flowers, but it is just like that, we think…

    So ya shouldda just pawed at the deck door and we wouldda let ya in fer some niptini an toona! Then ya wouldda knowed where ya were…

  25. Garden at the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria?

  26. Okay, our second guess is Boerner Botanical Gardens in Wisconsin?

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  27. I have a guess, but the name won’t come to me. It’s just on the tip of my brain, but won’t come through. The ??? Botanical Garden in Denver, Colorado?

  28. The Portland Rose Garden/Botanical Gardens?

  29. Are you closer to home in Seattle at the Washington Park Arboretum?

  30. It’s not the tree out our window an it’s not our garden. It’s not Olbrich Gardens in Madison cuz nofing’s bloomin dat much yet. Mom wonders if it’s the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London, England. I fink dat’s a silly guess… unless it’s rite.

  31. Chey, I have no idea where you are, but it looks like a lovely place to relax. I wish I were there!

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