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p1010050Well I wonder how I got here? I hate it when I get lost. I really didn’t mean to go all that far but I can’t seem to find my way home. Now which way did I come from? And what is up with all this water? Why is there so much water in the world. I really need to find some place that has less of it!

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  1. This looks familiar, but I can’t remember. Are you in Chicago?

  2. I think you’re in San Antonio, sitting by the River Walk. Of course, I’m probably wrong too!

  3. I thought it looked like Seattle.

  4. Hong Kong maybe!! One of these days, we will get it right!!
    Your FL furiends,
    and Maverick

  5. I think you might be at Canary Wharf in London, but not at all sure! 🙂 xxx

  6. You’re in Chicago.

    By the way, we’ve left you an award on our blog.

  7. Ok, we have a more pinpointed location. Are you on the north part of Wacker Rd. in Chicago?

  8. P.S. I’m so sorry you found my WW scary. I think I may have upset quite a few purrples. Bozo is part of me so he always gets fed well and no cat who has owned me, or will own me, has, or ever will, go hungry! An empty cat bowl in my home is one that is washed and filled straightaway. When Cybil came to me she was overweight and had to go on a diet, but once she knew food was always available, she stopped gromphing it down like there was no tomorrow and grazed gently on her diet food as and when she wanted and lost weight as a result! Ollie and William were with me from kittens and they never went hungry and never got fat 🙂 xxx

  9. Ummmmm? Don’t know. Drat!

  10. We were thinking Canary Wharf, London too, but we’re not sure.

  11. If it’s Friday it must be time to drag ourselves over to Chey’s to once again prove ourselves to be complete geographical idiots.

    Hey, that cityscape looks familiar! Is it… could it be.. oh, we do not know which city it is. But since it does look familiar to Mom we will guess your are in Boston on the Boston side of the Charles River. No wait… along Boston Harbor. Oh, we do not know.

  12. I say Boston too!

  13. we haf no idea. well, we know you is not in Philadelphia or NY. Maybe Boston – but mommy has not been there in like 10 years. Just don’t fall in the water – you might get run ofur by a boat or somefing.

  14. We have no idea except that we know for sure it’s not Boston…that’s a start right? We guess New York.

  15. iz yoo at tha Chicago waterfront??? where tha grate fire thar started??

  16. Our first thought was Chicago, but since we’ve just been there one time, it is a big guess.

    Thank you for your kind words about the loss of our KittyBoy. We miss him so much.

    ~ The Bunch and Momma Bobbie

  17. Oh my gosh! We actually know where you are and only because Mom was there a few weeks ago celebrating her birthday. You are in Chicago by the Chicago river. That big pretty light aqua building we think is the Trump building.

    We will be oh embarrassed if we are wrong!

  18. Sophia is the most correct cat–yes I am in Seattle. If anyone wants to try to see where I am more exactly that is great.

    I had no idea how much Seattle’s waterfront looked like Chicago…

  19. That is Seattle? Meowm is gonna have to go visit! She has a half sister there…she could visit both of you!

  20. Are you near Pike market?

  21. We thought Chicago at first…until we saw Chey’s comment that it is Seattle. Wrong again for us!!!

  22. Momma has only been in Seattle one time and that was to the airport when she flew up to Anchorage. Chey be careful and don’t fall into that water it looks chilly….Helllllllllllloooooooo Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  23. Rats. I do not know. But it looks nice there!


  25. Good job, Sophia!


    Looks like you are down on a wharf at Elliott Bay. It’s been years since my mom lived in Seattle … the skyline has changed –a lot!

  26. Nice picture Chey!!
    Our waterfront is pretty nice too(even if we are not allowed to go there)
    Hope you found a neat place to dine 😉
    Fish burgers ???
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  27. San Francisco? I mean, it’s got tall buildings and water. And fun stuff to look at. Are you looking at fun stuff?

  28. Um, in a city by da water? We don’t know…we’z not allowed out of da house a whole lot.

  29. hmmmm i am way too hung over to even try to guess…….

  30. I had no clue. I don’t know unless I send you the picture!!!!!! But your never ending fetish for water is scary.

  31. Where ever you are it looks like its gonna rain! You best take cover Chey!!

  32. Ok, I’m clawing and scratching at my mom because she’s been to Seattle like a billion times and she still has not a clue of where in Seattle you are…she needs to work harder to help me….

  33. Mom’s an idiot…Dad needs to help…Pier 66?

  34. Cory, I’d have been good with the pier. I’m not sure what number it is, but we’re next to one of the ferry docs–I THINK that’s Ivars as you go towards the road does that make it 66? You are certainly close. This was taken so long ago too! (About five years for those who are worried scenery may have changed)

  35. Chey, will you get to have a scenic boat ride and some fresh seafood? Have fun!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  36. We are always too late to come up with a guess that hasn’t always been guessed. But we hope you’re somewhere you can get lots of fish…

  37. I think you’re near Pike’s Fish Market, but I am not sure.

  38. It’s very close to the Edgewater Hotel where my mom and dad stayed awhile back…

  39. Chey, my mom thinks Ivar’s is at Pier 54… I dunno, I was never in Seattle.

  40. You really do end up near the water a lot, Chey. I didn’t have a clue, but I have never been to Seattle, so I guess that’s all right.

  41. At first I wanted to say that you are in a video game cityscape, but honestly I have no idea…

  42. We would never have guessed Seattle. Our Beans had an overnight there about 4 years ago before they flew to Anchorage, but they weren’t near any water.

  43. I didn’t recognise it…my humans went to Seattle a few years ago, if the Space Needle or Mount Rainier had been in the pic we would have recognised it!

  44. Boy! I was on the wrong side of the continent, wasn’t I?

  45. Now that’s the way we will do it alwas from now on: Come late, check the picture, watch mom putting up her clueless face and then just read the answer in the comments. Hehehehe…
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  46. Vampy Vic says:

    Wes not going to guess a cause we has no idea… with the yukky coloured blues.. we would say it is an old town..?

  47. Lots of water, but perhaps lots of fish too?

  48. Chey, we checked in on Friday and didn’t know where you were then! And we still don’t now! And we don’t like all of the water either, furriend! We hope you find fields of tall grass to get lost in next week … hee hee!
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

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