Look into My Eyes

img_6230aI am going to keep looking at Momma until she makes up for all the attention that I did not get last week. I think she should just stay home with me all day and all night and do nothing but pet me.

But she didn’t. Yesterday she even went to work when she doesn’t usually work on Mondays. But she was covering for her office mate.

I do not know about all this acupuncture stuff. It’s supposed to be good but it is just taking Momma away from me. And I do not like that.

If you look at me, Momma, how can you ever leave me?


  1. What a gorgeous picture! She must be crazy to leave you!

  2. She must be insane…but our my human is prone to insanity right now too so we understand. My mom locked herself in a room for several hours yesterday to sit with that silly new brother of mine…leaving me without a lap. There ought to be a law against that sort of thing. Maybe you should reconsider sending that male human of yours to me.

  3. I think it is too hard to leave you!
    Just too too cute~~~

  4. How could she? Demand to go along!

    I love that little black line around your nose and eyes. Gorgeous!

  5. That would be a tough face to leave. The way the staff explains it is that they have to make green papers for things like the house,cat food,cat toys, water, and stuff. Ash and I have offered to go to work with Daddy for a day, but he said we can’t.

  6. That is a pretty face with mesmerising eyes Miss Gemini. How could any one leave you?

  7. I have no idea how she could ever leave that sweet face!

  8. we say the same thing to our mom and she just says “i need to get foods to feed you fatties”. so not only are we lonely, we’re insulted too.

  9. We… are… looking… deep… into your eyes… deeper and deeper.
    Mmm, the human may simply stay on this page now all day long…

  10. I think your next step is to utilize your strengths, Gemini, and study hypnosis like some before me have insinuated. I don’t think it would be hard to find someone to teach you. Learning such a trick would ensure that you remain on top of your human pet in dominance.

  11. We have no idea how your Mom leaves you. And we have no idea how our Meowm leaves us….but they do. We are betting she will try to make it up to you, we just hope it is soon!

  12. Your eyes are mesmerizing! I do not know how your mom ever looks away from them.

  13. I heartily agree with you, Gemini. How could she tear herself away from such a gorgeous feline?

  14. How in the world can your Momma resist such an adoring and cute face!

  15. Vampy Vic says:

    I bet your momma did not look into your eyes a cause I knows if she did she would have been mesmerised like my momma did when she looked 🙂

  16. Your eyes could hypnotize anyone, Gemini!

  17. how CUD her effur leaf yoo?!

  18. You are so handsome, almost look like a Scottish Wildcat! And those eye hypnotize!

  19. With that cute face, I don’t know how your mom could ever leave you.

  20. I think your mom must melt everytime she looks into your eyes!

  21. We love to look into those eyes, Gemini!

  22. Yoo know, if yer mom looked deep into yer eyes we knows dat she wuds has stayed!

  23. My mom says she could never leave ear furs like yours, Gemini! She’s so weird!

  24. That will work, for sure!

  25. That’s such a purrty pikchur of yoo, Gemini! I mite be floofy too, but I don’t have long eer furs like yoo haff.

  26. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!
    ~ Anna Sue and Maggie Mae

  27. Well we couldn’t leave you ‘cos we think you are gorjuss. Maybe your Mom neeeds her eyes testing?

  28. well, it’s furry hard for us to look at you, acause you looks furry much like xingxing, an’ we loves to chase an’ terrorize her, an’ mom tole us we couldn’t do that to you! –ed an’ nitro

    i would nefur STOP looking at you–it would be just like admiring myself inna mirror!! we are furry beautyful! –xing lu

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