Derby is the Sunday Guest Star

imgp8531Well it was a tough week… Derby came the closest:

Your are up a tree and out on a limb in a pretty spring garden. I agree with Cory, we need to tip toe through the tulips.

The Meezer‘s tried to fool me:

HEY! You’re in our back yard! Get off the tree and come on in for the nap pile!!!

Meezer Mom even went to the Woman’s facebook page and said “so it wasn’t my back yard?”

I think Zevo Calamari echoed everyone’s sentiments this week:

the secret garden?

Sanjee was also sort of correct but not as correct as Derby:

Yep, you’re in a garden. That’s all we can figger. We hope somecat can help you find yore way home.

I gave a hint on my facebook page. It says:


Yes, I had hoped that someone who had been to La Conner and talks about it sometimes would recognize the tulips. We have had a couple of other La Conner photos (although they were easier no one got those either). Sigh. La Conner is a bit north of Seattle. It is west of the World Famous town of Concrete, which was my first Find Chey Friday. Although Concrete is so incredibly famous, La Conner only has a tulip festival every spring and art fair and is very touristy. If you want to go to Anacortes you just cross a big old bridge and there you are!

The Woman stays at a very nice bed and breakfast called the Wild Iris Inn. They have really good breakfasts. They are not far from the main downtown, so you can walk (unless it is raining). Last year, the Woman got some good deals at the close out sale of the wonderful cat store they had there–everything was cats. They had a few dogs so that no one could say they discriminated against them, but it was mostly cat stuff. She also visited the quilt museum and Christianson’s Nursery and Tulip Town. I believe this photo is at Christianson’s Nursery in one of the areas where they display their tulips.

Next week should be a bit easier, so I hope you will all come back. Also if you follow me on facebook (I have a page) then when things look really tough the Woman will again write in the correct answer! Still, just like those who took geography lessons from Skeezix, I will give anyone who manages to find where I am correctly credit!

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  1. Well done Derby. We were all out on a limb with this week’s photo.

  2. Yay Derby! We didn’t know where you were…we just knew it was a purrty spot!

  3. oh poo. it really DOES look like our backyard.

    You know, when we close our eyes and dream of what our back yard SHOULD look like and not the vast open treeless lawn that it is.

  4. Nice going, Derby. A cat and a garden do go so well together…

  5. I wish it was my backyard! Congratulations to Derby.

  6. I wish it was my back yard too, specially today. It snowed again and my yard is all white again!

  7. Mom forgot to check where you were Sunday. Not that it mattered, as she didn’t know WHERE you were either. hee hee


  8. Oh well, we tried to find you…and trying is most of the fun!!

  9. ConCatulations to Derby – we had no idea where you were but it sure was purrty.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. You could come here,
    and I could find you easily, hahaha~~
    Just kidding!

  11. I don’t ever know where you are, but I always enjoy the trips!

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