Cheysuli Speaks Out on Contractual Obligations

img_6281aSometimes you just have to take out your aggression against things that annoy you. Do you realize that The Male is Contractually obligated to go see the upcoming Star Trek movie in May. Can you imagine?  And he thinks it is okay.  He has absolutely no idea how the rest of live, having to wait until another day to see it, or knowing they will have to see it with someone who has already viewed the movie.

I find that some of these people under contracts have contracts that keep them completely out of touch with the real world.  I mean how many people get to go see Star Trek on opening day with their employer?!  I’m appalled. I’m ashamed.  I’m mortified that I live with the Male.

Okay so I’m mortified that I live with that male anyway… but still…

I can’t believe what some employers write into contracts and people expect to be paid for! I mean he also draws a salary!  Of course his salary does pay for my food… but I really am annoyed that he gets to have fun when I am not around.

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  1. WOO look at how fast you are! Your paw is just a blurrrr of lightning quickness!

  2. We think you should sneak in to see it with him.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. What? Just plain wrong. And this is the man who makes you smell his feet! Perhaps you can sneek in with him when he goes to see the film, heh heh! 🙂 xxx

  4. Or even “sneak” and close italics after “And”. Duhr!

  5. This is an outrage. …so wrong. We are sending a ham and a bottle of tequila fedex.

  6. I suppose the male will think it’s perfectly acceptable to make you watch the movie with him when it comes out on DVD…including “the making of”….sleep through it.

  7. Ohhhhh…can he sneak me in? I want to see it! I want to see it first!!! My people want to go on the first day but will they take me? No! I have to wait for the DVD!!!

  8. Chey, we want to say that we agree with every word you said, but Mom want to know… can she go with your Dad to the movie? She’s dying to see it!

  9. we say go knock em one upside the jaw with that der paw. one for the little pepole.

  10. We find it disturbing when Mom and Dad have fun when we are not around, too. We can’t imagine what could be more fun than sitting here with us.

  11. Well, I am going to put in MY contract that I will not efur haf to go to the v-e-t unless i ask to be taken there.
    Chey, I gotted your foods – the mom put some in our bowl this morning and Sammy walked away, but Billy and I eated it. They were pretty good. Then after I left to get a drink of water, Billy buried ALL of the food dishes on the table under the table cloth, including the crunchy foods. I don’t know what that was all about. we weren’t even done eating. I was just taking a water break. The Mom had to un-cover all of the foods so that Sammmy and I could finish eating our stinky goodness.

  12. That’s what I need! A contract for fun!

  13. Yoy know, you could go in with him if he carried one of those manbags. Murses I believe they are called when carried by a male….you could hide right inside…

  14. I just wish I had a contractual obligation to get out of the house once in awhile. I’m envious of him!

  15. I think Mom is contractually obligated to see that movie too. Weird beans. That toy looks like fun tho, Chey.

  16. Contracts are sticky things. 🙂

  17. I sympathize with you Cheykins

  18. We guess that’s why they say it’s a Man’s World. Geesh!

  19. The only way we can think of for you to get your own back is, the next time he forces you to smell his socks, is to bite his toes – hard. Then when he complains, tell him very sweetly that it is in your contract.

  20. I think I need MY contract reviewed! I don’t remember any clauses about kittens or movies or anything like that! I demand a recount! Or a preview! Or a review! Whatever.

  21. They can pay me to watch a movie if they want!

  22. Okay wait we is confusdid, do yoo like the Male or not like hims?

  23. Meowm says she wishes something like that was in her contract! “Must go to movie of choice, once a week, during business hours, and be paid for it”. We think we need a contract with her stating “must attend to our every need, when we demand it…the exact moment we demand it.” It is so hard getting her to feed us when we want her to!

  24. He is going to get paid to watch movies? Is that like AIG being obligated to giving money away?

  25. Contract schmontract! We don’t have that type of thing in our kitty world, they don’t sound very fair at all! We think you should demand that your accompanying the male to the movie should be written into it, Chey!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  26. We would be annoyed about our beans having fun without us too!!!!
    For some reason Mom is happy!! She had forgotten about the new Star Trek!!
    WE don’t get it!!! Does not sound like fun to us .
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  27. We don’t like living wif our dad sometimes…he’s loud, he pesters us and sometimes he yells fur apparently no reason.

  28. We can’t wait to see Enterprise!! We love those fevver toys.

  29. I don’t live with a dad. Are they loud?

  30. Contracts… our PURRson had one when Mac, Lovey and Peace went to their FUReFUR homes that their new PURRsons would declaw them, would spay or neuter them and not breed them… and that they had to live inside. So far so good… they are 7 and nothing bad happened to them. My PURRson kept me cuz I was the keeper and I get to live with my 2 mommies- the biological one- Joy and human one…

    I don’t know about movie contracts- we have HBO does that count? Pride

  31. OOPs… I meant WOULDN’T declaw them… OH NO… OUCH…

  32. How lucky the male is to see Enterprise as part of his job! We can’t wait to see it either. But is this really a bad thing for you? I mean, he’s out of the house for a few hours, leaving you to do what you like, and when he comes back, he’ll be so happy it should be no problem getting tonnes of temptations out of him!

  33. Hyoomas suk. Period.

  34. We were about to say how unfair all the special movie stuff was, when The Big Thing came and read over our heads. He started laffing loud.

    He said yer post was either the best accidental sarcasm or the slyest analogy of the “financial market managers and their retention pay contracts” he had ever seen… He walked outta the computer room jus laffin so hard.

    We dont know what he meant, but we are glad he liked what ya wrote… We think…

  35. yoo shuld get sum contracts frum yur beans on lyk how much fud a day or petting or toys etc…

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