Cheysuli Speaks Out about The Male

img_6289aMany cats have asked me about the Male.   They don’t understand why I don’t like him and why I wish to send him off.

Here’s the thing.   The Male was driving when I was taken from my first home and my kits.  The Woman looked back at me and said soothing and stupid things to me as I sat in back, glaring at both of them.  The Male just drove.  When it was The Woman’s turn to drive, she had to tell him to look back and see how I was doing!  Can you imagine?!

Then, he thinks that he is superior to me.  I think that secretly he worries that he is wrong so he does all sorts of male things to try and prove his superiority which just makes him quite tiresome.

Finally, he throws socks and underwear very close to where I snooze.

However, he is very good on the other end of the feather toy. Of course, he only does it when the Woman orders him to on my behalf.   He doesn’t listen to me.

And that last part says it all.   There really is no hope is there?


  1. He throws his underpants near you?!?
    Chey, that’s wrong!

  2. his stinkies need to stay away from your nose. toot on his face when hes asleep, hehehe. just take his stinkies and nicely place on his nose for gift when he wakes.

  3. I think thing will go worse between you and male,
    hee hee~~
    you got your woman , very closely~!

  4. Don’t blame him. It’s a human male problem in general. They just don’t have the DNA that lets them understand kitties and little sticky people to the fullest extent they should. I hate to admit it, but if I was human, I’d probably be dropping my undies in places the females in residence hated, too… Just because I could.

  5. We are surprised that Max didn’t tell you to get him back by pooping on his pillow or something like that. We think you should drag is stinkies over his face while he is sleeping. And you must tell your woman that she has to make the male listen to you. You are a meezer after all and you have a lot to say.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  6. That’s terrible, the underwear being tossed in your direction. He is just lucky that you don’t have thumbs.

  7. Oh Chey, I hope you come to some sort of an agreement with the male. Why does he not understand that you are the boss of the house?

  8. ::twitch:: ::twitch:: Dirty socks AND underwear….::thud::

  9. Chey, isn’t there some sensitivity training class the male can be forced to attend? Sounds like he needs a lesson or two….

  10. well, mommy says that men are mostly useless and they should just be ignored. we don’t think she’s serious, but you nefur know.

  11. Chey, he’s a GUY! Do I need to say more? Ignore him. It will drive him nuts. Men can’t stand being ignored.


  12. Human males tend to require constant attention and instruction. Keep working on him, and hopefully you’ll break him soon.

  13. Chey, I have a confession to make: I am just a tiny bit scairted of my Daddie!

  14. Oh Chey, we didn’t realize things had gotten so bad. It would be a supreme effort on your part, but maybe some extra training would be effective. Some humans just take longer than others, so I hear.


  15. Miss Gemini
    YOO wood not believe dat Momma nearly furrgots it wuz our purrdays today…me and Mr Jinx is gonna half to do sumfing. Momma is juss plain furrgettin too much stuffs anymoore…

    wowie kaboom dat wuz a catastical pixchur of yoo…

    your boyfriendcat

  16. Sounds like you’re a Mommy’s boy then!

  17. Nope. Something seriously wrong with him. Not listening to you – unbelievable! We have a male too (the butler) but he fulfills our every desire before we even have to tell him! The other day we just ‘looked’ to the neighbors roof and five minutes later he had made a latter for us to go up there!

  18. Sounds like the male needs obedience school.

  19. Ok, I’m revived now…Chey, listen to me. Send me the socks! Maybe the male will get so annoyed, he’ll leave.

  20. The Male does not listen to you?????
    Maybe you better send him to Cory
    after all!! Maybe she can ‘fix’ him for you!!!!!
    Silly Man!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  21. It seems that your Male is very difficult to train. Try offerrin small bits of fish paste as a reward for correct behaviour…

  22. Looks like you will have to package him up and send him to Cory after all. We think he is beyond obedience classes.

  23. Chey, I’m not used to males. It’s just been me and my mom for over 13 years and there are only a few males that I feel comfortable with, so I can’t give any advice. Good luck!

    His undies????

  24. Ew..undies? Oh you poor dear. We shall make arrangements for you to come with us to Paris next week. No worries…no undies and certainly no males that will ignore you.


  25. Ugh I know what you mean, when I left my breeder’s house the Tall Man was just plain not cool. He didn’t understand that I needed to scream the entire traffic filled ride. I’ve found uses for him though, eventually he started to figure stuff out. Have faith!

  26. Vampy Vic says:

    I bet your dadda loves you very much and you love him back.
    I think you can still be cool and love your momma and dadda… just try it a little you might be in for a lovely surprise :)))

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