Cheysuli Held on Male Fraud Charge

img_6218aWill Cheysuli ever see sun again? Rumors abound that the former presidential candidate was caught for postal fraud.

Apparently the feline decided to get rid of the Male of her caretakers and had addressed a large box to Cory Cat.  The size of the box and the calls for help alerted postal officials that there was something strange about the box.

They called the bomb squad and opened the box.   Such a precaution was necessary given the “Please Drop Box HARD” and “Feel free to damage” notes all over the box.

After careful examination, the box was opened and they found the Human Male.  It is unlawful to send people though the US postal service.  Additionally given the nature of the packaging and the way it was carried out, officials are holding Cheysuli in custody until they figure out what to do with her.  This could keep her in holding until her other caretaker returns as the Male is reluctant to be at home alone with her, even for the short period of time the Woman isn’t there with either of them


  1. hmmmm…. would you like to take a trip asap to our hide out in the country of holey cheese and chocolate? let us know… we can arrange it.
    we could use a euro vacation anyway.

    we have a nun costume …say the word.

  2. Uh oh….Chey, maybe you could have avoided this whole thing by just sending me his smelly socks. So it was the calls for help that gave it away? I was sure someone sniffed it out…so to speak. Hey wait a second…they’ll come looking for me soon if my name was on the box…..MOM!!!!!

    If they come question me, I’ll deny everything.

  3. We think you should take Zevo up on his offer. Get out of the country as fast as you can.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

    PS – you almost look like a blue point in that picture.

  4. WAY TO GO CHEY!!!!!!

    Will yer taktiks werk with that stoopid blimp Tripper???

  5. Chey, we are SO proud of you…

  6. Make a run for it Chey; we can offer a hideout. We are in the middle of Nowhere; no one would find you here.

  7. it’s awesome that you have the male that scairt of you!!

    Chey, I akshually likes the foods you sented. Sammy is just a picky eater and he won’t get near the bowl unless it has whiskas dry foods in it. anyway, it’s fun to make the mom crazy about it

  8. Giving new meaning to the words “going postal”…


  10. Male Fraud… Chey, you are brilliant! As we see it, you made one key mistake. You should have used UPS Ground Crate and Freight.

  11. Wow…remind me never to piss you off, Chey.

  12. I was unaware that you could not mail a human male. I mean, it is perfectly legal to ship chicks thru the mail even if there are no holes in the box! I saw it on the website.

    I don’t see why your male should be different, after all, little chicks are cuter than human males. I know they are cuter than mine…

  13. Plead temporary insanity, Chey!

  14. Chey, you should have used UPS instead!

  15. Being forced to smell the male’s feet violates the 8th Ammendment, against Cruel and Unusual Punishment. I will defend you Chey! I can get you off, too! Lucky has even volunteered her services. You were pushed to your limit and lashed out!


  16. Hey Chey you rock!


    Helloooooooooooooo Miss Gemini. You needs to come ofur becuz we has nice sunbeams and warm breezes…we cood snuggle out on the back porch!

    your boyfriendcat

  17. Darn! Foiled again Chey!!!

  18. Hehehehe. Chey, you MIGHT have gone a little over the top there…

  19. I don’t know how you managed to get him in the box in the first place.

  20. Right on Chey!

    Cats are big on being in boxes! Boxes, boxes, boxes! Oh those no-having-fun humans, what do they know?

    When you snooze you DON’T lose!
    Fluffy & Bonkers

  21. Whoa, like, that’s *harsh*… we are not lawyers, but we advise you to admit nothing!

  22. Hummm….that’s a good idea, really. A good way to get rid of the male in the house if you were having problems with him. But I love my papa bean…besides he wouldn’t fit in a box.

  23. Wow, you actually did it Chey. We are impressed.

  24. males can be a problem. all of them!
    Stay out of trouble Chey!

  25. Wow! You must be really angry at your Male Chey!!

  26. You were sending the Male to Cory???
    Couldn’t get his socks off? heehee
    Hope you are being treated well :O
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  27. Whoa Chey, this is some serious stuff going down! We wish you weren’t busted for this, it sounds like a you might be shipped off to the slammer! Not by U.S. Mail, of course 😉
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  28. Chey, I’m coming to bust you out of the slammer. Don’t stand too close to the wall OK?

  29. Hey, I just thought of something! Won’t this make finding you on Friday a whole lot easier?

  30. I’m proud of you Chey! I mean, I know it went pear-shaped but how were you to know it’s illegal to send humans through the mail? I didn’t! If you need to lie low for a while you can come over and stay with me!

    I loved to read about your Woman’s friend helping the baby turtles into the sea! 🙂 xxx

  31. Hahahhahahahahahahahaha – the maid says she knows some humans who would like to dispose of certain human males like this – definitely with no return address on the parcel, hahahahahahahahahahahah!
    If you need a rescue party to get you out of prison – just say the word!

  32. Chey, you know I’ve been supportive of you in every way, regardless of the lies & distortions published by your enemies. But this…this is over the top, don’t you think? Did you really this you could get away with mailing your human male?

    Here dear, have some weak tuna tea and rest while I call a doctor. Don’t worry…everything will be fine.


    (whispers to guys in white coats) Be gentle with her. She’s very fragile right now.

  33. Vampy Vic says:

    oh noes oh noes!!!! Chey how could you get busted?!?!!?!??!

  34. Two words, Chey: Odor Eaters. Lots easier to deal with than mail fraud!

  35. Oh, Chey, you have really done it now. Do you need some help making him disappear so he can’t file charges? Oh, wait, you don’t ever mess with the postal inspectors. Maybe we better ask if you need some help deodorizing his socks? There’s no law against that, is there?

    Good luck beating the rap.

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