Cheysuli By Any Other Name

cheysuli-wwc09Well the Woman was way to slow and boring to get in the info to Zoolatry for Wordy Wednesday.  I suffer so.

However, I have such wonderful friends!  Zoolatry has made me my own photo based on this!

So we have Cheysuli’s Talkative Thursday!

Cheysuli by any other name would be another cat.

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  1. That’s a great job!

  2. we like it !

  3. Definately you!

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  4. Oah Chey~~
    That is a very very adorable picutre of you!!

  5. That is so cute, love Talkative Thursday

  6. Oh we see you chose many words to describe yourself. Hehe all good ones!

  7. That’s brilliant. Those guys are great. Love you Chey. FAZ

  8. That’s fantastic. It really suits you, Cheysuli. I really like your closing sentiment.

  9. Those are a lot of great words to describe you!!

  10. Oh Chey, so abused…first being detained by the authorities, then being forgotten by the Woman…thank goodness for friends. We love the graphic, it’s totally you.

    PS…say the word and I’ll help try and spring you from the slammer…I look innocent and can get away with a lot.

  11. That’s a very nice photo of you. I think you should keep it up all the time to remind people to pay you the respect you obviously deserve.

  12. Well said Chey!

  13. that’s a great graphic!

  14. That is a most excellent picture! Congrats

  15. Chey, you are all of those. I think my favorite is “om-NIP-o-tent.” On account of the nip in the middle. And the tent at the end, which I also enjoy.

  16. Ahhh….there it is!! I’ve been going through Chey withdrawl!! My STOOPID human has not helped me visit anyone lately and it has not been good for my cute little heart.

  17. You were too late to get one word so you get a whole dictionary full instead. We have to say it does suit you though.

  18. what a great one you got!

  19. And all those words are perfectly appropriate for you, Chey!


  20. All good words for Chey.

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