Thankful Thursday

img_5938aI am thankful for the variety of beds around the house so that I can lounge around. It is really the most wonderful thing.

I am fortunate that Gemini  was the correct guesser or the right visitor on Latte’s blog and I won this great bed!  I love it.  In fact, I am often found there.

We’d just like to have a shout out for more good thoughts and purrs for Miz Pet of the Bengal Brats.  Her meeting on Monday could have gone better.   Any cherky comments would no doubt be much appreciated!

We’d also like good thoughts for our Woman. Her practice has been slow and usually it picks up in February.  Even the chiropractic office has been slow this week, so we are hoping a lot of purrs will make people in North Bend ill enough to go see them…


  1. You can never have enough beds…. we will purr for all pet humans who are acupuncturists during this time… we are hearing the same complaints over here. Out pet human has been trying to ignors the news and listening to positive meditation cds and reading books like Harmonic Wealth.

    May you manifest more beds and ham
    may your pet human manifest a booked schedule!

  2. Your sleeping expression is so lovely~! Chey~!

  3. Sending purrs and paw waves your way from our house to yours. 🙂

  4. Ohhh wow with that look on your face… where do I get one ??!?!?
    I wants that feelinsg tooooooo…
    We can not say with honesty that we wants peoples to get sick… but we do hope the ones that ARE find there way to your mommas!! :))
    Positive thoughts.. or should the be negative because of.. bah.. it’s too late to think.. that must mean it’s always too late 😛 hehe


  5. You do look very content in your bed Chey. The vishus deer bed is our favourite in the winter, but in the warm weather, we change around a lot.
    We are purring for work to pick up for your mum.

  6. You’ve a lot to be thankful for Chey. Enjoy your comfy bed.

  7. A comfy bed in every corner! We think maybe our dad has da sleeping sickeness…

  8. Any port in a storm around here, except for the cat beds. We won’t use them. Ever.

  9. I think it;s great to have lots of beds!!
    That should be a rule 🙂
    We will send purrs to your Mom so things will get better.
    Maybe if you had some snow for the beans to shovel….
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  10. that’s a great be!!!

    ok, so, we need to purrr for people there to, um……….. hert themselfs? ok!!!!

  11. What a cute sleepy face you have there Chey!

  12. You look as though you’re in bliss in that bed dear Chey!

    I don’t want people to be sick or to hurt themselves, but my take on it is that there are just as many people needing your Momma’s treatments, but they just either can’t afford it because they have lost their jobs or they are afraid to spend money (whether treatment needed or not) because of the recession. There are so many knock-on effects to the financial troubles, radiating in all directions. I think it’s scary. What’s more, ordinary people (like Pinky and me) have been predicting for years that the bubble would have to burst. Why, oh why, couldn’t our governments and banks see this? They probably did, but gave in to greed so as to line their pockets in the moment. Meanwhile it’s not them who suffer, but hard-working people like your Mom.

    Sheesh! End of current rant. There may be more in the future, lol! 🙂 xxx

  13. We will purr for your Mom’s business to pick up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I have lots of beds, but I never use them. I let Harley have them, because he loves cat beds.

    I am sending encouraging purrs for your mom’s work to pick up!

  15. I’m glad you still like your bed. We all love our original Millie bed too. We’ll purr for your mom! Everyone needs to start getting out and feeling better so we hope they will see your mom!

  16. I have four beds of my own, plus all of the beds in the house, chairs and sofa to sleep on too.

  17. You look very snuggly in that bed Chey. Thanks for the get well wishes!

  18. It certainly is important ta have many sleepin places around the house. We haf 3 Bein beds ta sleep on, a nice little cat bed that The Big Thing moves around fer variety, the carpeted kitty condo platforms, 3 soft chairs, anna few sunny spots!

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