Thankful Thursday

img_5311aOh Georgia looks so cute. She helped us with something and we’ll let you know what later on today… he he he…but it is something we are thankful for!

Okay, so now we can post this.   Janet Roper at Talk2theAnimals who is an animal communicator had a contest for their birthday.   We decided to enter as the Woman had had an interesting conversation with Georgia.

You can read what Georgia told us at Talk 2 the Animals.  Here is what the woman first thought about when she had the conversation with Georgia.

We WON!!! Anyway we get to have a teleparty for five of our friends.  We do have a couple of spots that we are unsure about so if you have something you really want to find out about your cat please email us and tell us you are interested in the party.  We only have a couple of spots so we can’t guarantee anything but we’ll let you know one way or the other.


  1. Good job on helping out, Georgia. Now I really want to know what you helped out with.

  2. She does indeed look cute! *Snuggles*

  3. We can’t wait to hear what Georgia helped out with!

  4. We wonder what it can be that Georgia helped with.

  5. I bet Georgia hasn’t helped make kittens or a blurpy (like My Marie’s new one) to be thankful for, then again you might be just as thankful she hasn’t! 😉

  6. Georgia, we are anziously waiting to hear what you did to help out! You do look very sweet when you sleep!

  7. awww Georgia, you are too cute!

  8. Mmmh, we’re wondering what it is too!

  9. wut … wut … wut????????

  10. ConCATulations!
    What’s a telerparty tho?

  11. Congratulations! That was a furry cool conversation your mom had with Georgia. Our mom might be interested in one of those spots…do you hafta be there in person? How does it work??

  12. I know how you helped, Georgia! You are a very special kitty and very cute too. I’ve been and read your Mommy’s story and it’s wonderful. Keep talking lovely girl:) xxx

  13. Congratulations! I’m glad Georgia is still here. I’m sure she’ll let you know when it’s time not to be here.

  14. How about that? Congratulations for getting that good thing, and we’re looking forward to hearing about how sweet Georgia helped…

  15. That is certainly a wonderful story. I know my humans felt the same as you about losing their beloved cat, Truffaut, who came before me.

  16. Congratulations! Your story really touched me. Especially the part about “Why do you think sick is wrong? It just is.” We always wished there was something more we could have done for Pixie.

  17. Congratulations on winning. We feel sad for you about Gemini, though. We know animals look at life and death differently than humans, but each loss is painful for those left behind.

  18. welcome home to da grate kgj … seattle izza happy place today!
    1 yeer contract fer $2,000,000? i’d do it.

  19. Congrats on winning. That was a very good story. Thankfully a bigger hunter never found Georgia. Hopefully she will enjoy much more time with you.

  20. Congrats!! That is soooo cool! I’m sure I’d like to tell Meowmy a thing or two about why I’ve suddenly decided that I do like to be touched…sometimes. They call me a headcase and I don’t think that’s cool.

  21. Wow, that was a very profound conversation with Georgia! Skeeter was very much like that. He said that 16 years was WAY longer than he efer espekted ta live and he did not mind havin ta pass over The Bridge when he started feelin sick last year.

  22. We’d sure like to know what you think of it. Our sisfur Abbie has suddenly started acting very strangely and we’re wondering what’s wrong with her and if this is something that works for you guys we might give it a try. We think she might be upset about Percy living with grandma, we’re just not sure, we want to reassure her but we have no idea how. We really wish we could tell her that she’ll be with him in 3 months!

  23. Super special. Of course, we secretly knew that Georgia had such a wonderful bean it was only natural they would communicate (and she probably does it well with Chey and Gemini, too). Special kitties, special lady.

  24. We hope that you guys have a good talk! Mommy always felt that she and our brother Basil had that kind of connection and Daddy and I have that type of thing too. Maybe Bert and Pearl are always doing their own thing, but that’s ok too.


  25. OH wow! You are so lucky to have a momma that can do that!! My Momma has tried and tried… she needs to learn to meditate I thinks..Though one time when she was really tired and tried it, she swears she heard Mushka say ” I love you” clear as day.. but she puts it down to being tired and hearing things…
    We thinks what Georgia had to say was beautiful and very typical of a kitties thinking, they do not complicate things.
    OH we is just in awe of Georgia and your momma :))
    I hopes one day momma can understands me so she can figure why I have to constantly cry and yell at her when the vet says I am fine and I has everything, including loves and attenshuns!

    Soft warm hugs for sweet Georgia :))



  26. Georgia yoo is wise. Georgia’s mom yoo is a furry wise bean. The mom used to be able to do that but hasn’t since last year. Perhaps she will try again.

  27. Oh Chey!! We are so happy that Georgia helped you guys to win!!!!!
    She is a pawsome girl 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  28. Georgia is a brave and wise kitty. I wish her well.


  29. Congrats on the win and the awesome prize. it is a great heartwarming story

  30. Congratulations! That was a wonderful story and I am sure you can’t wait for the prize.

    Thanks for dropping by today with the well wishes. Mom says I appear to be feeling a little better. Please keep me in your thoughts and purrayers!

  31. Concats — yer entry was reely wunderful. We love to cover yer teleparty in the Cat’s Meow — wood yoo like to be a gest blogger? We can’t pay anything, but we can toss a few zealies your way. Same thing if yoo go to see Cooper’s foto exhibit.

  32. I am glad that Georgia helped you win the prize. I am sure that Georgia will let you know when it’s time for her to go. She is very wise and her Mom is very smart.

  33. I am glad you won the price,
    that is great~!
    And Georgia is a sweetheart for sure!!!

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