Sunday Guest Star


Jeter is Excited about Being Sunday Guest Star

Well no one was getting it but Jeter Harris with a little help from a friend… finally guess where I was!

ah … mais oui … yer in da old harbor towers uv la roche in western france. dere ar three medieval towers heer: the Tower de la Lanterne wich used to be a prison; the Tower de la Chaîne, which held the chain that stretched across the harbor; and the St Nicolas Tower. I don’t know why the towers don’t match.
dat’z it.
dat’z ware u ar.
pee ess … hoo sed “jersey?” harharhar! i’m laffin an laffin!

In his next comment he did add that it was actually La Rochelle in France. Skeezix offers some nice history here!

Fortunately the timing was very good, else I’d have had to say Derby was the most correct cat, saying:

Mum says it is NOT Windsor Castle, she has been their and said it doesn’t fit. So we know where you are NOT, but not where you ARE.

Many cats thought I was in Ireland, Scotland or perhaps at Windsor Castle. I was actually in the Western Part of France. This grainy photo image was another of the Woman’s photos from her trek through the history of the Loire Valley in 1984. She was there because Cardinal Richelieu (remember him from the Dumas books?) was one of the architects (she thinks but he may have had something else to do with it) of one of the towers. She remembers the story of the chain tower well but lots of other stuff was lost in her memory, along with most of the French that she was required to speak (it was a French Class that went to France in January). Anyway off the coast there is a lovely island with a lovely lighthouse but she can’t remember why they went there too.

Oddly, she has not forgotten what great food she had or the nice wines. She does remember they were building the glass pyramid at the Louvre or refurbishing or something when she was there because she did not get to see it (very disappointing after it was so famous from the Da Vinci Code). She was, however in the old Roman Church that Brown mentions in his book. She did not get photos of that (which may have stumped even Skeezix!)


  1. Thank you for introducing France castle to me, Chey~!
    You let me learn a new spot~!!!

  2. Well done to JH! We like to read the stories behind the photos too.
    Our original blog is still our main one for the moment, but mum just found how to get page elements working in Firefox so she doesn’t have to use IE. If she doesn’t use Dashboard but goes straight from our homepage it works.

  3. Way to go Jeter Harris!

  4. Oh we knew we were wrong when we sed Windsor Castle…but that was the only castle we knew. Good for Jeter! Guess staying in has sharpened his mind!

  5. wutta ekstreem plesher to be da “sunday guest star” on dis paje. i’m so prowd. i wanna thank mi world geography/history coach, skeezix the cat, fer preparin me fer dis honor.
    yerz–jeter harris

  6. Good for you Jeter Harris! I was thinking that all of your treks in the great outdoors gave you a good feel for world geography!!! Now I know that you are better off staying inside watching travels with Rick Steves.

  7. congrats to jeter!
    viva la french…. pass me a glass of that french wine ……..

  8. Way to go, Jeter! You are smart.

  9. That was another tough one. Jeter did good!

  10. Congratulations, Jeter, and Derby, too! You were in a cool place, Chey!

  11. Dat Jeter is a pretty fart smeller.

    Oh and Chey, I think yur stretching foto is slim and ellagint. Fat? Dont think so.

  12. Rats! Maybe we will get one sometime. Yay for the kitties who got it right.

  13. Congrats to Jeter 🙂
    We did not play this week 😮
    Mom and I were too busy being lazy,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  14. What a neat place! Mom would like to go there. Good for Jeter H. for being your guest.

    It was great to see you yesterday, say Hi to Gemini for me!


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