Skeezix Sunday

strolling_bloojakkitWell this is getting to be a habit isn’t it? Once again Skeezix found me first.

First, I want to apologize for those very early cats who couldn’t click on the photo to make bigger. Then I want to apologize for the pixilated photo in the larger size mode. Apparently WordPress or one of our plugins has changed how you can set things in the photo and we have to do a lot more by hand. Something trimmed our larger photo to the size we set for it to be in the post and then we weren’t able to make it bigger from there (like the original uploaded photo had been). So we had to DOWNLOAD the photo and enlarge it again because our photo editor is on the PC side of the computer and we were already back on the MAC side… so we couldn’t easily upload the photo a second time, but could only enlarge it. We are very sorry for that quality and hope it won’t happen again.

Anyway Skeezix said:

Chey, I beeleeve yer on Rapa Nui, otherwize known as Easter Island. I think this is the Tahai Ceremonial Complex looking south-southeast, with the Rano Kao peninsula in the upper left.

I promiss, I won’t play next week.

I would just ask Skeezix that you play perhaps on Saturday so that I have someone who wins each weekend and that you don’t get first prize all the time! 🙂 I am thinking that next weeks place may be a bit more challenging so even you might be challenged! It’s one of the most famous place names on earth but the landscape doesn’t have a lot of distinguishing features…that is your hint for next week all!

Kaika also knew where we were and also Gandalf and Grayson said they knew as well!

Maggie and Zoey said:

1. Skeezix should be banned from playing Find Chey Friday.
2. We are going to email you a “picture” to use; then we’ll finally know where you are.
3. OK, #2 would be cheating.
4. As for today’s picture: a beach is a beach is a

No Maggie and Zoey, sending us a photo of someplace you know would not be cheating. Of course we ask that you not guess! And we ask that all photos that you send us be yours to give us permission to use. We are trying not to just find places off the internet to use.  Also, we do not wish to ban Skeezix. SOMEONE has to find me!

How did we get this photo from Easter Island? Well after graduating from acupuncture school my human had to finish settling her father’s estate (he died while she was in school) and she needed some time off. She took a cruise around the tip of South America and they started in Santiago. After a huge amount of debate between visiting Easter Island or Machu Picchu for the pre cruise tour she decided upon Easter Island. Someone pointed out that she tends to get slow and tired at high altitudes which is what did it.

Easter Island is actually called Rapa Nui by the Islanders who are called Rapa Nui. They are Chilean citizens. There is one flight to Easter Island a day six days a week. During the week, the flights are either Santiago with a stop at Easter Island to Tahiti or Tahiti with a stop at Easter Island to Santiago. On Saturdays there is a local flight from Santiago to Easter Island and back. Their landing strip is long enough to land the Space Shuttle. Fed Ex does not deliver to Easter Island (or they didn’t in spring of 2000). Oh and Skeezix, the Woman doesn’t remember that much about exactly where she was with that photo but it all sounds vaguely familiar!

For those who didn’t read our comment response, this is the only moai with the eyes filled in. This was redone in modern times. All the statues had the eyes destroyed when they were tumbled.


  1. I promiss to take a Chey-cation for a wile!

    Easter Island is one of the FL’s faverite places. She studied it wile she was taking a summer korse based on the Ascent of Man series (wich she wishes wuz avaylubul on Netflix). She did a paper on it. So she kinda helped me a bit. I was disappointed to not see even a singul Easter egg.

  2. Of course, Easter Island! Mom said she should of known – but she wasn’t concentrating enuff. The photo syuff sounded a nightmare!

    Have a great Sunday Chey. We wish we were not so hopeless at your competishuns … any chance of a where Chey is in the UK?

  3. Skeezix is very smart! Have a great Sunday!

  4. That Skeezix is one smart kitty!

  5. As I am not a worldly cat,heehee,I do not mind who wins!!
    I just enjoy the pictures and try to figure out what
    the heck you are doing Chey 😉
    At least you ‘get lost’ in cool places 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  6. Skeezix and the FL are very clever. We will get our mum to look out some more photos from their travels.

  7. Skeezix is too cool for school! 🙂

  8. Way to go, Skeezix! I like a smart Mancat.

  9. Skeezy is smart! He knows everybody and everything! I think I am going to have to send you a picture, too! I will not guess, but at least I’ll have SOME idea of where you are!

  10. Easter Island sounds amazing. Its one of those places we’ve love to go. We also want to go to Macchu Picu, that’s on our wish list. We love going to exotic places!

  11. happy sunday…. we wanted to let you know that we are taking some time off to heal and recover from the past few weeks…dont worry we will be back soon

  12. Wow, what a exiting place to see first hand!

  13. Skeezix, such a smarty!

  14. I missed this Friday’s post as my mom hasn’t been able to help me out on the computer because of her shoulder pain. That Skeezix is pretty smart! I’m with Maggie and Zoey about trying to send my own picture so I will know where you are! You go girls!

  15. Skeezixy iz smart cawze he goes ta skool.

  16. That was very clever of Skeezix to figure out where you were. Personally, I had no idea at all. Until you explained we didn’t even know where Easter Island was… Hope that you had a nice weekend!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

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