Gemini Opens her Personal Training Salon

img_6054aI have been taking it upon myself to be Cheysuli’s personal trainer. I have been chasing up the stairs and then down the stairs. Then when she tries to rest, I swat at her so that she has to begin running again.

Sometimes she does not like it and chases me… but I run so that she has to too! I think I am a very good personal trainer.

Right now I think I shall wander over to the fire and smooth my furs down. In a little while it will be time for Momma to go sit on the sofa and furminate me. I want to look nice for that.


  1. Love it, my momma Ellie and I are personal trainers for our mom. It’s a great job and I’m sure you’ll have Chey in great shape (not that she needs it, really!). Got to keep the furs nice and furminated in case you get a gig as a personal trainer to the stars…like Morris the cat, or someone like that.

  2. Good job, Gemini!

  3. It is only right that you have a gym named after you. I am sure celebrities will be lining at the door.

    maybe you could come over and chase Nubi around for me…he is getting quite chunky!


  4. You’re so good to your sister.

  5. You are very motivating, Gemini. Maybe you should help my Mommy. Hahaha.

  6. I think I would like to buy your service for mys momma! She needs it much more than Chey.. even if it is to whap the food outta her mouth every time she tries to eat! hehe


  7. Ize chasin my sisfur Katie ta get hur ta get in shape, too!


  8. Oah Wowww~~~
    May I have a reservation please?

  9. Good job, Gemini. I’m sure that you will have Cheysuli in top shape in no time.

  10. Hello beautiful and please say hi to lovely Chey for us. 🙂

    Hugs from the topcatruels girls: Trixie and Tigger and Pyewacket. 🙂

  11. Mommy says you should come to O Hi O and chase her around. She needs a trainer!

  12. Good work Gemini. It is hard work being a trainer though. I try to train Eric but he keeps flopping down before we are finished.

  13. You’re such a thoughtful sister, Gemini!

    Huh. Gandalf may want to consider a Personal Trainer… he’s developing a little extra something in the back, if you know what I mean.

  14. good job Gemini

  15. Hey, Gemini…you’ll have Chey slim and trim in no time!

    (And Chey, thanks for bringing the ham over for Zoey’s Gotcha Day! It was very tasty!)

  16. i havta say, gemini …
    i wood come to yer salon jus to look into yer eyez.
    jus sayin.

  17. What a great purrsonal trainer you are, Gemini. And it’s good exercise for you too.

  18. Good job, Gemini, just remember to give lots of positive encouragement and high fives.


  19. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why Harley keeps chasing me all over the place. I better go tell him that I do not wish to be trained.

  20. Kaze is Chase’s personal trainer. He has totally shed some poundage.

  21. That is a furry beautiful picture of you, Gemini. Especially your eyes! But do not tell my girlfriendcat, Princess Pearl, that I said that.

    You are doing a good job as Chey’s purrsonal trainer!

  22. Buddah thought he’d try that with me. Problem is, HE lost a little weight! And it made him hungry all the time! The Woman won’t feed us extra so hahahahaha to Buddah!

  23. Ooooooooooooooooooooooo ,Gemini!!!!!
    You are sneaky!! heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  24. My mom wants to know if you will come over and train her too??

  25. Good work Gemini! If you need help running around, just let me know. I’m very good at it. Just ask Mini.

  26. Great work! If you open up a gym I will submit an application to be employed as a trainer. I specialize in tree climbing.

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