Gemini is Thankful on Thursday

img_5969a I am very glad I get to sit in the sun with Georgia sometimes. There is a lot of sun here and we both quite like it.

We are very thankful that Pet of the Bengal Brats is doing a tiny bit better. There is still a long road but she said she actually has a bit of energy and we are so thrilled.

Also Pet and the Brats are hosting the Carnival this weekend so you all must go over there and make sure there are plenty of posts for her! We need to make sure Momma is better about this but sometimes it is hard.

Well Momma got some new boots for her skis and now she can’t wait to get back up to the mountain. I think she should stay home in the sun with me!


  1. I do not understand why beans like playing in the snow like that. I get upset when my boots get cold or wet. Happy thankful Thursday!

  2. It is nice that you both get to sit in the sun together.
    Sun sounds better than snow to us too.

  3. Sun spots are the best places to sleep. We hope your mama enjoys breaking her boots…oh, mama says breaking in her boots. We thought it was weird that she would break them when she just got them.

    Mom says she misses skiing. She hasn’t been in years.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. nothing good comes from putting beans on waxed thin sticks and sending them hurtling down mountains.

  5. Your Mom could use her ski boots here I think!

  6. Gemini, you look lovely in that sunshine with Georgia!!
    WE would like to have hot sun!! Well,Mom would like it more 🙂
    Anything to melt this icy snow,heeheehee
    Tell your Mom to watch out for that Charlie horse!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Definitely…if she meets up with a horse named Charlie, tell her to swoosh right past him.

  8. Them sunspots are grate. Yoo look happy wif Georgia to snuggle wif. Yore Mommy is crazee to go hang out in cold white stuff wif horseys named Charlie. She reely should stay home wif yoo.

  9. ::::::THUD::::::
    Points paw
    Miss Gemini is ooooooosooooobooteefull!!!!!!!

    your boyfriendcat

  10. What a beautiful “just hangin” picture of the two of you.

  11. Enjoy your life, sweet Georgia… make every day count.

  12. How nice to see Georgia again. You two look lovely in the sunshines!

  13. Gemini, a sunspot is so much to be thankful for. You’re right, your mom should stay in with you. That’s what we tell our all the time, but she won’t listen… Humans!

  14. You two are so beautiful in your sun spot! *purrs*

  15. We do fink dat yer mom needs to stay home wif yoo. Its too cold out to go outside and what better way to stay warm than wif a bean!

  16. Gemini – that’s a lovely photo of you and Georgia. I am glad both of you are enjoying some sun.
    Please give Georgia a smoochie from me!

  17. It wooks so nice snuggwing together wike that!

  18. Gemini, your eyes are so pretty. It’s nice to see Georgia, too!

    (I tried to comment a bit ago but something went wrong so I hope this one gets through.)

  19. Oh, sitting in the sunshine is another one of my favorite pastimes. You both look so content there.

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