Gemini Gets a Hand

img_6052aI am just a little bit disgusted by the hand that I am smelling. It does not smell nearly enough like me as it should. Why should I want to smell some human person when it could smell like me?

Although Momma was worried I would not like my furminator, as I am not always pleased to be brushed, I am quite liking it. I make her furminate me daily. I hate it when I miss the furmination time too. I did one night. I was so upset, I hacked up a hairball.

Anyway, it rained all afternoon here so I snoozed in front of the fire as soon as Momma had it going. No one calls me a fat cat even though I am all puffy. In fact, Momma worries that I do not weigh enough. However she says she is always watching me eat but rarely sees Cheysuli eat so she does not understand why Chey is fat and I am thin.

I think I must have a better metabolism, don’t you?  Still I think it is very poor timing to have Fat Tuesday when it should be Fat Meezer Monday…


  1. We need to invest in one of those Furminators!

  2. I am glad you like blushing,
    after all, it’s really close to change another season.
    It’s very important to renew your fur~

    You look great today as always!

  3. Gemini, if you don’t like the way your momma’s hand smells, just rub all over her, and get your smell on her. That way she won’t stink of human smell.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. I, too, am quite thin under all my floofiness, even though my folks think I eat like a horse. They say so much of my food must be going into growing lots of long fur, that my body doesn’t get fat. Maybe that helps explain the differences between you and Chey?

  5. gemini … do not sniff da hand dat feedz u …
    i think dat’z it.

  6. We do not have a furminator, but we do have the knobby thingy that we forget the name of… Grayson really loves that one!

    Gemini, you are very beautiful. In fact we just realized tbat you look a lot like Mom’s office kitty, Feather!

  7. You are just lucky with metabolism like that! I bet you could eat all you want and not get fat!

  8. mommy says my fatness is “middle age spread”. – Miles

  9. If somebean tried to furminate me, they’d lose dat hand. Yup. I don’t want nobean messin wif my furs. Pets are good tho.

  10. Furminate? We’ve never heard of that before – is it a sort of grooming process? Alfie likes to be brushed, although I only do if I’m in the mood. Milo.

    I love to be brushed. Alfie xxx

  11. I never get furminated any more so I have to yak up a lot of hairballs. Apparently we’re waiting for warmer weather so we can go outside to do fur as my fur just goes everywhere.

  12. You must have a high metabolism, Gemini, that’s why you can eat so much and stay so thin…and poor Chey has a slow metabolism….

  13. Gemini, you do have a slightly disgusted look on your face! If I were ever furminated, I would probably end up bald. I do not have very much fur.

  14. You have to have fatness, it is good for you. You look perfectly wonderful Gemini!!

  15. I think it is very important to keep our beans smelling like us and not them. We like our Furminator, too, but we haven’t used it lately.

  16. I like my humans to have clean hands when they touch Me. That’s why I’m always front and center when they get out of the shower. That’s the best time to get petted.

  17. Hahahaha, you don’t look too pleased with the hand smell, Gemini!

  18. Gemini,you worry too much!!! You are very pretty and your floofy furs are shining!!!! The only time we hate hand smells is when there is stinky handcream on them!!! Enjoy the fire 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia, & Tillie

  19. I love the zoom groom but mum said she is getting me a furminator to try and stop me yakking hairballs. I think I have the same problem as Chey. Flynn eats far more than me, but I am the one who has to diet.

  20. Maybe you and Chey could trade a pound or two? You evidently need the weight and she’d like to give it away.

  21. Gemini yoo gots lazer eyes goin, we can see how mad yoo is. Did yoo make the bean hand smell like yoo?

  22. I like my furminator too.

  23. We all love da furminator! If yoo is to skinny, Gemini, may we suggest more treats…

  24. we lyk tha furminator too. owr beans are always watchin stevie eet. he eets but hes still bery skinny.

    Thank You fur yur condolences

  25. That’s the best part about having the floof…no one can really tell if you are fat or skinny. We love our furminator too! We also like smelling hands because they are always eating around here and sniffing the fingers keeps us in the know and prevents us from missing out on the good stuff.

  26. Mom keeps debating if she should buy a furminator for me! She needs lots of advice from the other CBers.

  27. I is very very skinny Gemini, my momma worries lots and lots about me too, I has spurts of eating where I will eat 3 packets of food then have days where I do not feel like any. I is healthy little man though and I play and puur and jump and run etc.. I do not think the humans know how well we know ourselves, they thinks we is human rather than the secksah felines we is 🙂
    I like your furminated furrs! I bet you do too! much less sucking down the wayward furrs :))


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