Find Chey Friday

febfind1I think you will have to click to bigify…

Hey you! Do you know the way to San Jose? I’m looking cause I think I can find DKM from there and I need to go commiserate with her because she has issue with the Male too…although my issues are much more pressing than his taking my letters. I am udderly frustrated with having to live with him!

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  1. The picture won’t biggify for me.::sigh:: Hey I gave you and Gemini an award.

  2. My mom’s eyesight is bad, she can’t biggify it enough to tell. She’s going to guess on the coast of California, but she can’t see well enough to guess closer than that.

  3. Okay we are really really mad at WordPress. For some reason now you can’t bigify the photo by clicking on it, you only get the size that you choose for in the picture–which I think must be an issue with this theme. We had thought that prior that we just made a mistake last week but this has got to be this darned theme or a new thing with wordpress (more likely as the theme shouldn’t take over. The only other thing we can think of is that it has to do with the thumbnail plugin we have.)

  4. Yep, it still isn’t biggifying. But if I examine real closely you might be worshiping at a post that probably marks the landing of the first Meezer in Mericky. But you must have a fetish for water! Another picture with you and all of that water!

  5. It biggifide fur me – I’m using FF3 on Windoze.

  6. Chey, I beeleeve yer on Rapa Nui, otherwize known as Easter Island. I think this is the Tahai Ceremonial Complex looking south-southeast, with the Rano Kao peninsula in the upper left.

    I promiss, I won’t play next week.

  7. Wowww…
    this is very difficult one~!
    I bigger this photo and you are still very small ~~

  8. Skeeze, you did it again!!! I’m sure it is the Tahai Ceremonial Complex. Our friend Rachel went to Rapa Nui last year and brought back pictures of the moai.


  9. Skeezix is amazing. I was just going to say that I thought you were a loooong way from San Jose.

  10. It biggified for us on FF3 too but it still didn’t help us to know where you were.

  11. Wow, Skeezix is like a genius or something!

  12. 1. Skeezix should be banned from playing Find Chey Friday.
    2. We are going to email you a “picture” to use; then we’ll finally know where you are.
    3. OK, #2 would be cheating.
    4. As for today’s picture: a beach is a beach is a

  13. when we bigify it’s all pixelated so we has no clue. not that we is using that as a excuse, ’cause we nefur haf a clue.

  14. ireland

  15. yoo trafel alot Chey. Skeezixy is bery gud at guessing.

  16. We thinks Chey is stuck on Alcatraz Island. It’s sort of close to San Jose, right?

  17. I am,as usual,clueless!!!! I must say though,it is pawsome to see you upright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are standing tall like those structures.
    Cool 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  18. Skeezix, I am going to have to ask you to come later to give other cats a chance! Yes that is three in a row!

    Yes it is Rapa Nui or Easter Island. This is the only face with eyes. When they were taken down, all the eyes were destroyed first and then they were knocked down face first. This one has used the same types of dyes that the original inhabitants used and was repainted.

  19. Well mom was gonna guess Greece, but I guess it’s wrong.


  20. I wa sgoing to guess Stonehenge.

  21. It is the greatest litterbox ever. I could relax to the sound of the ocean waves and maybe even take the latest Cat Fancy magazine in with me….

  22. Ha! The only way we will ever win this game is if we cheat and look for Skeezix’s response first!

  23. Dang. We akshully would of said Easter Island. But never in a million years would we have known all that other stuff! We think Skeezix must be the smartest cat ever!

  24. Thank you for your good wishes, Chey. The written part is in 4 weeks and it’s for four hours and entirely in Spanish! With a traduction to do aswell! We will have to work really hard with mom. Sigh. Helping is such hard work…
    We don’t know where you are but will blame the low resolution of the image. Ha!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  25. deer chey,
    i will not cheet dis time.
    i wuz feelin sumwut guilty doin dat evree week.
    i wish i knew da way to san jose … dat’z ware reebok da grate livez.

  26. we are really confused……

  27. I’m thinking that you’re outside. Somewhere. Perhaps using the sand as a litterbox.

  28. I could biggify it tonight, so you fixed it.!

  29. Biggify….schmiggify…Skeezix still knew the answer and we had not a clue. I like the idea of me sending you a picture that way I’ll know and I can see if I can stump the panel.

  30. Well Chey – it’s as well you don’t need rescuing ‘cos we’d never know where to find you. We fink we need more geography lessons!

  31. We don’t know where you are, but let us know so we can join you!
    ~ KittyBoy

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