Ear Check

img_6060aGemini is checking up on Georgia. She has been more distracted lately and Gemini always makes sure to keep her in line… er well somewhere. Actually Gemini tends to annoy her more than anything.

Anyway here is Georgia laying on her great blanket that we got as a gift and Gemini and is sniffing her ear. Pretty soon Georgia will swat her when she gets annoyed enough and Gemini will back off for a few minutes.

You can see that right now Georgia is doing her best to ignore Gemini because she is quite comfy in front of the fire. Gemini will not give up until she disturbs Georgia. She is quite rude.

I would never do such a thing… I only annoy Georgia by leaping out at her when she is walking. I think one should always be prepared for a flying meezer!


  1. Hi Georgia! Haven’t seen you in the longest time. Yeah, beware of flying Meezers.

  2. Georgia can come visit us any time. We don’t have any flying Meezers here.

  3. Oah Georgia~!
    How are you feeling~!!!!
    I hope your checking result is ok!!!

  4. That odd, as no one else has said they could not read page. Is white on black, while yours is black on white. In fact, we fix it because it was harder to read before, with the gold mixed in. Maybe you need new moniter?

    I swat at Tabby Brofur when he trying to eat my foods. Usually bean get involved and tell me is rude to do, but I do anyway.

  5. Check on, check two, you hear her?
    Whoa Chey, flying meezers must be a constant threat at your house!

  6. Wow, I got such a cool visual from “flying Meezers”!
    ps – Thanks for the positive thoughts for my Mommy

  7. *giggles* at flying Meezer. Georgia does look quite annoyed there!

  8. Miss Gemini
    I knoos yoo is only caring furr Miss Georgia. She udderstands dat yoo lub her.
    I wood like to lay and snuggle wif yoo in front of dat fires…

    yur boyfriendcat

  9. Anything in there?

  10. Be prepared for a flying meezer … I’ll file that one away just in case. It’s nice of Gemini to check on Georgia, even if it annoys her.

    I gave you guys an award today.

  11. Sometimes I am quite relieved I am the ONLY cat in this house. FAZ

  12. I wish I could look forward to a Meezer occasionally flying by where I live!

  13. I’ll keep an eye out for flying Meezers, Chey!

  14. haha! Flying meezers can be anywhere — lookout!

  15. well, if you live with a meezer, then you should expect flying meezers (or falling meezers, running meezers and flipping meezers)

  16. We have lots of flying meezers around here. I mean, we get huge bursts of energy that we have to use!

  17. I think Gemini wants that nice mat!! That’s why she is bugging Georgia!!
    I think it would be funny to see you in action Chey!!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  18. LC, Ayla, and Iza says:

    Even meezers gotta watch out fer meezers! I was eatin some crunchies today, an Iza pounced me from unner the dish washer door!


  19. Gemini sownds lyk shes bein sweet checkin owt Georgia.

  20. We think Georgia is preparing to do some whapping if Gemini gets any closer!

  21. heeheehee girls. We can really annoy eachother sometimes

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