Cheysuli Shut Out of Awards

img_6032aOnce again, former Presidential Candidate and socialite Cheysuli has been passed over by the Academy. While not a starlet in her own right, many in the high social circles that Cheysuli frequents are regularly invited to the awards. Not the former Candidate.

“It’s probably specist,” said one insider.

“I think it’s just that they are distancing themselves from her. She did run for president and she lost. Hollywood can’t abide a loser,” said another.

“Umm…maybe they don’t allow cats where they give the awards?” Suggested one blonde socialite who was invited. Fortunately there were no Cheysuli supporters nor were the Pooses for Peace represented there so she was unharmed. It has been requested that newspapers and magazines with hold her name so she is not harmed by over zealous anti-specist reformers.

Cheysuli remains unavailable for comment. Further rumors suggest that she is over eating again and that it’s this wide spread rejection that is causing her to do so. Until she gives a statement, we won’t know for sure


  1. Chey, We’re so sorry you weren’t invited. You certainly should have been.

  2. Oh no! I was looking for you on those red carpet shows and I didn’t see you…couldn’t figure it out since I thought for sure you’d have been asked to wear a stunning designer collar for the event.

  3. What? They didn’t even invite you to BE there?!??! OH THE HUMANITY! That’s just rude. They’re gonna regret it in the morning, I know they will.

  4. Well….we are so glad you rode on in the bacchus parade today with us instead of being at the stoopid oscars!… wearing that feathered mask was very helpful hiding you from those nasty paparazzi! And you throw those beads sooooo well…..pass me that bottle of wine please.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about this.
    That is very very wrong!

  6. This is just so wrong. I am glad that you celebrated with the Pooses for Peace instead.

  7. Chey, that was very wrong of them and we are sure that they know so deep down inside. Come out of hiding, you are the one with the clean conscience – you’re the winner!

  8. Surely that must have been a mistake. Maybe your invitation got lost in the post.

  9. This is an awful snub…

  10. definitlee specist … duhr…

  11. You didn’t want to win a stupid Oscar anyway, Chey….

  12. It IS wrong, Chey! We know it. But over eating doesn’t help, that is food for the paperazzi again.

    ~ Ruis & Karl

  13. Yoo’d haf looked better than then anyways. Yoo shoulda been invited!

  14. Well it is a silly thing anyway, I always know who the real winner is, and it is always you!

  15. The press can be so cruel, Chey. You should have sent a news release that you chose to attend Billy Sweetfeets party the night before and couldn’t get out of bed Sunday!

  16. Chey,Hollywood is stupid and no place for you!!!!
    You deserve better!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  17. Don’t worry Chey…every cat on the blogosphere knows that you are a star!!

  18. Those Hollywood types are jealous. They know they can never be as good looking as you Chey!

  19. Chey, we don’t know why anyone would diss you, you are so spectacular! Obviously those in Hollywood are so lame! You are a star to us for sure!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  20. Chey dems rumour mills is not good they seem to say lots of bad stuffs bout goods kittehs!

  21. LC, Ayla, and Iza says:

    Chey, that was sinply wrong that you werennt invited. Yer invitation MUST have gotten lost in the mail!

  22. It’s boring there anyway…mom won’t even watch anymore. She sez she doesn’t need to see a bunch of ******* egomaniacs pat each other on da back.

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